While Microsoft 365 offers many features and benefits, organizations often meet challenges during implementation, user adoption, and ongoing support.In this blog, we will explore how Proventeq's managed services support for Microsoft 365 can be more cost-effective and specifically highlight the major benefits organizations can drive for their businesses.
One of the advantages of Proventeq’s managed services support is the ability to deploy tailored solutions that align you with your organization's needs. Proventeq's Microsoft 365 implementation and adoption service focuses on understanding your business goals and designing a customized solution that maximizes the potential of Microsoft 365 investment. 

Many organizations do not have in-house resources with the necessary skills to handle complex Microsoft 365 configurations and integrations.

By partnering with Proventeq, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in Microsoft 365 implementations to help you with a full SharePoint development, create digital workflows between your favorite Microsoft apps, enable notifications, data collection, and easily integrate with your line-of-business applications and other Microsoft tools to extend their functionalities.   

Through our Power Platform services, we can simplify your business process automation, and build applications, and workflows. You can also reduce costs by replacing your costlier legacy Robotic Process Automation platforms with Microsoft Power Platform to drive business transformation for your organization. 

Microsoft 365's extensive capabilities can overwhelm your teams, leading to underutilization and a diminished return on investment. Proventeq offers user adoption services, including user training, workshops, and ongoing support to drive your team's adoption. Organizations can fast-track their Microsoft Viva adoption journey with our free employee experience workshops to maximize the value derived from Microsoft 365. 

With the potential of OpenAI, ChatGPT, and generative code tools transpiring, your business can benefit from our AI-driven innovations. Proventeq offers Microsoft Azure OpenAI services utilizing Cognitive Search which can power conversational search capabilities across your content & data landscapes. You can also simply drive Content AI innovations using Microsoft Syntex to fully digitize document-centric business processes without the need to use costly AI/ML capabilities. 

How can Proventeq’s cost-effective M365 managed services benefit your organization?

While the first investment in Microsoft 365 managed services could be an added cost, it can result in significant savings eventually. Proventeq's Microsoft 365 managed services have a proven record of accomplishment in enabling organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure, save costs, streamline user adoption, and boost digital workplace effectiveness.

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