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Client Profile

Advantest are a leading Japanese manufacturer of automatic test equipment for the semiconductor industry, and a manufacturer of measuring instruments used in the design, production and maintenance of electronic systems. This includes fibre optic, wireless communications equipment and digital consumer products.

Having migrated their email solution to Microsoft Office 365, Advantest sought to deploy SharePoint Online across the business; this migration was beginning with their Global Human Resources departmental functions for America, Asia and Europe.

The planned SharePoint Online deployment would allow collaboration across internal international HR departments and external stakeholders. To ensure data security, Advantest required the deployment to employ a granular security model

Advantest’s HR department were using the Oracle HR platform with all HR documents stored in Oracle UCM- users across the globe were using a single document repository with a basic security model. This was to be replaced with a SharePoint-based document management system for HR with data separated out by regions and secured to the respective regions.








SharePoint Online

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The Complexities of the Project

  • Large amount of assets in the source system.
  • Several sets of redundant data.
  • Differing data storage templates across different geographical teams.
  • The need to set and deploy data security models.
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Solving Advantest’s Unique Challenges

Employing a granular security model.

Security was modeled to secure the HR data for each region and yet provide access for external payroll providers to access the data.

Fixing redundant data

We needed to identify and exclude several sets of redundant data from the migration.

Configuring HR system

Designed, provisioned and configured SharePoint Online to meet strict HR team requirements.

Cleansing of assets

A large amount of assets required cleansing before migration to SharePoint Online could be executed.

Restructuring sets of data

Restructure and reorganization of sizeable sets of data due to the use of differing data storage templates across different geographical teams.

External payroll providers

Creation of the ability to share content with external payroll providers.

The Results

Custom HR platform

The team at Proventeq dedicated maximum time to getting to know Advantest’s needs. This resulted in a custom-built platform tailored specifically to their business requirements.

Security at all levels

Proventeq ensured all content met Advantest’s document security and governance requirements for both internal and external use. Additionally, secure access was enabled for relevant documents to be viewed by external providers.

Large scale movement

Approximately 0.5 mil documents migrated from Oracle UCM to SharePoint Online in order to complete Advantest’s migration and improve their digital landscape.

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We developed reporting syncing utility from Oracle reporting platform into SharePoint and restructured content via our Migration Accelerator software.

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