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Migration, Solution Architecture & Design


Client Profile

Hays is a global leader in specialist recruitment with over £3bn in turnover. Over 8,000 staff in 380 offices across 27 countries, annually they place on average 80,000 people in permanent jobs, & 300,000 into temporary roles.

Hays had undertaken a massive technology innovation and renovation program and Proventeq worked with them as Solution Architecture & Design consultants; helping Hays to achieve technology innovations by providing specialist consultancy services.

The digital transformation program was split into two parts - migration and then a custom integration and build within Liferay. After migrating from Oracle WebCenter to Liferay and SharePoint and migration from OpenText to SharePoint, Proventeq’s team built a candidate search functionality in Liferay based on the geographical location of the user performing the search query. This was a challenge as no candidate information was stored within Liferay itself, and so our team integrated Hays’ background APIs to perform candidate searches for content stored on SharePoint Online and then display only the relevant candidates on the page.

Our migration experts utilized the Operational Management Information platform using Oracle BI as the front end and SSAS as the back end. They also ensured that all data adhered to the migration rules observed, which involved addressing any conflicting files to ensure a successful migration process for Hays Recruitment.






OpenText & Oracle WebCenter


SharePoint & Liferay

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The Complexities Of The Project
  • Full-fidelity migration from two systems to two target platforms
  • Enable an enterprise search platform to allow visibility across over 10,000,000 CVs
  • Redevelop business-critical applications to meet emerging business needs 
  • Modernize the existing Hays website and transform the functionality of the UI in Liferay
  • Insight into operations to provide accurate and actionable information 
  • Need for public-facing enterprise mobility solutions across key business functions 
  • Full fidelity migration of over 1,000,000 compliance documents into the new target system

Solving Hays’ Unique Challenges

Solution architecture & design

Using a mix of the latest technologies, the solution architecture was designed for critical applications. This enables Hays to provide more efficient and effective recruitment services to clients and candidates, reducing the time and cost involved in the hiring process.


Designing an SOA platform for integrating the core CRM system with back-office (PeopleSoft) and other business applications.

Provide an effective search platform

A complex integration of Google Search Appliance to the core CRM platform for searching through key business entities. Provide an effective search platform to allow visibility across over 10,000,000 CVs.

Redevelop business-critical applications

Redevelop business-critical applications to meet emerging business needs including iPhone and Android applications for Job searching (live) and timesheet submission.

The Results

An ‘exceptional’ solution

Our team ensured every piece of data was aligned with the rules of the migration. This included resolving any inconsistent files, therefore guaranteeing that the migration would be successful.

Enhanced content quality

All the items were successfully transformed with WCAG compliance standards while enhancing the quality of all content items and digital assets.

Reduced business downtime

The ‘phased migration’ and ‘delta management’ proved useful for the client's internal departments to transition into their new environment at their own pace.

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Through a full-fidelity migration process, we migrated a legacy intranet site, of more than 1.1 million compliance documents to from Hays' legacy OpenText system to SharePoint and a legacy website to Liferay.

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