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Client Profile

Guidehouse is a leading global provider of consulting services to public and commercial markets with broad capabilities in management, technology, and risk consulting. Across a range of advisory, consulting, outsourcing, and technology/analytics services, they help their clients create scalable, innovative solutions that prepare them for future growth and success. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, the company has more than 8,000 professionals in more than 50 locations.

Following a significant business acquisition and period of organic growth Guidehouse was looking to update their digital workplace system to match their increased size and growth ambitions. Having already adopted Microsoft 365 they were keen to also utilize SharePoint.

With complex technical requirements, they needed an advanced migration tool to support their big move but struggled for over a year to find one that would work with their highly regulated Microsoft 365 Government licenses; which they have to work with their Federal and Public Sector client base. Every other technology provider they spoke to didn’t work with GCC High tenants and closed the door. Proventeq was happy to take on the challenge.

After an initial consultation to understand their unique business needs Proventeq’s engineers and development team were able to redevelop the tool, Migration Accelerator, to work with highly restricted Microsoft 365 Government tenants. Ultimately it was this flexibility and technical support which impressed the Guidehouse team. Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator helped to make their migration to SharePoint a resounding success.




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Guidehouse's Unique Challenges

High cost with license duplication

Already using and paying for Microsoft 365 licenses for email and collaboration, Guidehouse had access to a SharePoint platform they weren’t utilising. If they retained all their legacy Citrix ShareFile system, they would have to pay to maintain both. Which at their current headcount would be an additional annual cost of $1 million. A compelling argument for migration.

GCC High compatibility required

Many migration tools are built to migrate to Microsoft 365 Global, but almost none natively work with Microsoft 365 Government due to its increased security and governance complications. Neither did Migration Accelerator until Proventeq’s engineers listened to Guidehouse and quickly redeveloped the tools capability to connect with the US Office 365 Government Cloud.

Proventeq's Solution

Proventeq worked closely with Guidehouse's existing business processes and underlying systems, to maintain business continuity and productivity.
Information architecture optimisation

IA optimization

Classification and separation of data were efficiently processed to meet the demands of accessibility and navigation within the new SharePoint architecture, hereby creating a simplified structure.

Pilot migration

Migration Accelerator’s pilot migration feature allowed full mapping of all content and proved the revised content architecture worked according to business expectations before the live migration, keeping their business operations on their existing ECM system before the go-live of SharePoint Online.

Pilot migration
Security and compliance

Security & compliance

During the migration, we enriched and restructured their content via classification, security remapping, metadata and taxonomy. We also moved dossier documents from the common object store to customer-specific document libraries to ensure security and compliance.

Full-fidelity migration

Once the team at Guidehouse were satisfied with the migration design and target system architecture, Migration Accelerator was utilised to execute a full-fidelity migration with an item level audit trail. This ensured that all items were successfully migrated.

Full-fidelity migration

The Results

Achieve migration goals

Proventeq's developers quickly and within a matter of days changed the code so that it would be able to connect. Surprisingly many other companies who had similar expertise said they would not work with GCC High. 

Removed 33% of ROT data

Proventeq’s migration design and configuration, reduce data size to just 14TB by excluding redundant versions of archive files. With less data to move, Guidehouse could achieve the same migration goals in a far quicker time scale.

High-speed migration

Proventeq's discovery filter detected and segmented thousands of documents into shared folder types for SharePoint and personal folders for OneDrive whilst retaining the same folder-level security and full metadata. This allowed our teams to deploy a super-fast batch migration of more than 40GB per hour.

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Ultimately it was this flexibility and technical support which impressed the Guidehouse team. Proventeq’s Migration Accelerator helped to make their migration to SharePoint a resounding success.

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