Migration from OpenText eDOCS to SharePoint Online

Client Profile

Pool Reinsurance (Pool Re) are a mutual reinsurer set up by the British government with leading insurers to provide terrorism cover. Its members comprise the vast majority of insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates which offer commercial property insurance in the UK; membership of the scheme affording them a guarantee which ensures that they can provide cover for losses resulting from acts of terrorism, regardless of the scale of the claims.

OpenText eDOCS
SharePoint Online

Proventeq really knew their stuff and nothing was too much to ask.
- Adam Dalton, IT Manager, PoolRe
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Case Study Overview

Corporate data for every department was stored in OpenText eDOCS and needed to be migrated to the new intranet site built on SharePoint2016. Proventeq played a pivotal role to enable PoolRe to migrate quarter of a million documents to a new Information Architecture designed on SharePoint 2016.

The Complexities Of Migrating From OpenText eDOCS To SharePoint Online

  • Almost half the content was not classified with the required metadata, so special rules had to be formulated to automate the migration
  • Documents were not filed in OpenText eDOCS , but the new IA in SharePoint required mapping documents based on its metadata into over a hundred folders in various libraries spread across different Site Collections.
  • Source systems contained content with invalid data not supported in SharePoint.
  • Content reorganisation warranted restructuring of content hierarchy and moving documents into public and private locations.
  • The existing metadata had to be enhanced to fit into the new metadata model.
  • Users no longer with the organisation had to be mapped to valid accounts in Active Directory.
  • Business downtime during migration had to be minimised for critical departments.

Solving Pool Re’ Unique Challenges

Proventeq worked closely with the IT team at Pool Re to ensure a timely transition to the new intranet platform, thus accelerating the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint 2016.

Proventeq Content Analyser and Migration Accelerator were the key technology solutions used to migrate content into SharePoint thus providing an automated solution and reducing the overall cost of migration.

Using the Proventeq Content Analyser, the Discovery process helped to identify any inconsistencies in content and security and help create rules to make them compatible with the new design in SharePoint.

This solution provided an expedited migration to SharePoint with the ability to migrate all relevant metadata.

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The Results

A Universal Platform
A Universal Platform

Migrating from five different source systems can pose different challenges. Our expert team merged millions of assets into one, easy-to-use site which increased the accessibility of relevant documents for their employees.

Mitigated  Downtime
Mitigated Downtime

Successful consolidation of content from various source platforms and multiple repositories into Microsoft SharePoint. Business downtime during migration was greatly reduced using managed migration.

Safe Content
Safe Content

Security was extremely important to PoolRE. Each piece of content was reassigned the same level of security as within the origin system, to ensure the asset library remained protected.