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Migration from Rocket Folio/NXT to SharePoint

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Client Profile

The Australian Department of Home Affairs portfolio brings together Australia's federal law enforcement, national and transport security, criminal justice, emergency management, multicultural affairs and immigration and border-related functions and agencies, working together to keep Australia safe.

The Department of Home Affairs had a requirement to migrate LEGENDcom, which contains legislation and policy documents relating to migration and citizenship. LEGENDcom was on a legacy Folio/NXT platform and the requirement was to migrate the entire LEGENDcom content onto a new SharePoint-based, AA-compliant web platform.

Over a million items consisting of HTML pages, documents, and images were stored in the legacy website. The Department of Home Affairs' source site structure was defined in XML files which had to be recreated in the target SharePoint system. The HTML content that had many embedded styles and formatting required cleansing before moving to the target system, while selectively retaining certain font styles and formats.




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Rocket Folio/NXT



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The Complexities of Migrating from Rocket Folio/Nxt to Sharepoint
  • Each page had links to other pages and images that had to be resolved and changed to the newly loaded location of the respective item.
  • There was a special requirement to place a custom column for the way items were ordered in SharePoint. 
  • The content within each page had to be changed to comply with Accessibility standards (AA compliance).
  • The content of pages had a set of ordered list patterns, where each pattern was different from one another. The client requested regularity in relation to the patterns so each one had to be aligned.

Solving The Australian Department Of Home Affairs’ Unique Challenges

Content discovery

Our Discovery tool helped to analyze all the items available in the source system. This helped us to design a suitable information architecture that ensured items were migrated over in full fidelity and in a seamless manner.

Rule-based mapping

Proventeq’s rules-based content type mapping and metadata mapping tool played a pivotal role in associating content types and page layouts, while adding custom column values using metadata values. An ‘exception plan’ was devised to resolve any inconsistent source files.

Configuration & analysis

Regex-based configurations were carefully devised by analyzing source styling and ordered lists for transforming legacy HTML to WCAG-compliant HTML.

Migration plan & strategy

Migration consultants defined a strategy and agreed on a migration plan with the Department. A 'Delta plan' was provisioned for any last-minute content changes while the migration was still in process.

The Results

An ‘exceptional’ solution

Our team ensured every piece of data was aligned with the rules of the migration that were determined on the outset of the project. This included resolving any files that were inconsistent with the new environment; thereby guaranteeing a successful migration.

Enhanced content quality

All the items were successfully transformed ensuring compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG, AA). The quality of all content items and digital assets were also enhanced for the new target SharePoint environment. 

Reduced business downtime

Content was migrated in phases to help the client keep business downtime to an absolute minimum. Having 'delta management' in place helped the client's internal departments to transition to the new SharePoint environment at their own pace. 

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In other to The Australian Department Of Home Affairs’ project requirement, Proventeq devised a plan to provide a fast and reliable migration from its legacy website to SharePoint.

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