Migration from Exchange Public Folders to EDMS

Client profile

Allstate Insurance Company, which is the largest public Insurance Company in the USA, needed to migrate over 300Gb of Outlook (Exchange) Public Folders to a cloud based Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

Exchange Public Folders

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Case study overview

Proventeq worked closely with the IT team at Allstate to ensure a timely transition to the new intranet platform thus accelerating the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. 

Proventeq Migration Accelerator was the key technology solution used to migrate content into SharePoint thus providing an automated solution and reducing the overall cost of migration. The Proventeq Discovery process helped to identify any inconsistencies in content and security, and help create rules to make them compatible with the new design in SharePoint. 

The complexities of migrating from Exchange Public Folders to EDMS

  • Almost half the content were not classified with the required metadata, so special rules had to be formulated to automate the migration
  • Document were not filed in Hummingbird, but the new IA in SharePoint required mapping documents based on its metadata into over a hundred folders in various libraries spread across different Site Collections.
  • Content reorganisation warranted restructuring of content hierarchy and moving documents into public and private locations
  • Source systems contained content with invalid data not supported in SharePoint

The results

A flexible solution

Through our migration expertise and with the use of our rules-based product, we delivered an end-to-end solution that answered all of the business needs.

Major cost benefit

Automation of complex migration processes, and reuse of the same process for different source systems ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time.

Consolidation and metadata retention

Content stored in disparate source systems, including archived data, were consolidated and standardised along with all their metadata.