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Client Profile

Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States of America and is the state capital of Arizona. The headquarters of numerous Arizona state government agencies are in Phoenix, many of which are in the State Capitol district immediately west of downtown. The website provides news updates and information on the city services available to residents, businesses and visitors.

The City of Phoenix wanted to migrate its website from Oracle UCM to SharePoint Online with the aim of modernizing its information management infrastructure. Proventeq Migration Accelerator was the key technology solution used to extract, transform, cleanse & migrate content into the new target SharePoint environment.

Proventeq's rule-based scripting tool was used to cleanse anomalies in source content and transform consistently. Our migration consultants defined a strategy and agreed on a migration plan with the client. An ‘exceptional plan’ was devised to resolve any inconsistent source files.




Government Administration


Oracle UCM



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The Complexities of the Project
  • Over 50,000 items were stored on the Oracle UCM content server.
  • We had to factor in items that had discrepancies [in the website section (blank)] while working on the structure mapping and loading Pages to particular libraries within sub-sites.
  • Each page had links to other pages, media assets, and documents
  • Library settings had been set to “Require documents to be checked out”.
  • Many assets had the Content Type set as “Web-Content” in the source Oracle UCM system. These needed to be changed to a “Document” Content Type without affecting the content types of other web pages. 
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Solving The City of Phoenix’s Unique Challenges

Large amounts of data

Over 50,000 items were stored in the Oracle UCM content server. The content structure and site section configuration in the Source system had to be analyzed. This included documents, pages, forms, and images.

Items & structure mapping

We had to factor in items that had discrepancies while working on the structure mapping and loading pages to particular libraries within sub-sites so that the appropriate taxonomy could be assigned correctly.

Redirect page links

We had to reassign page connecting to other pages to be redirected to new URLs created within the target SharePoint environment.

Changing asset content types

We had to change Content Type set as “WebContent” in the source to a “Document” Content Type without affecting the content types of other web pages.

The Results

Data consistency & reliability

An item-level audit ensured that every content asset was successfully cleansed, transformed, and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment. Many items had their format converted to fit the new SharePoint environment.

Major cost benefit

Automation of complex migration processes ensured reduced effort and delivered huge cost savings for the client.

Optimized content & structure

Content (including Content Types and metadata) stored in the Oracle UCM server was consolidated and standardized to meet the requirements of the target SharePoint environment.

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Proventeq Discovery and Pre-Migration check tools helped to analyze all available items in Oracle UCM, identifying any inconsistencies in content and naming conventions.