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Exponential data growth

Exponential data growth

By 2025, it is estimated that worldwide data growth will hit 175 zettabytes – i.e. 10,000 terabytes – and almost 50% of data will be stored in the cloud.

According to a research by Risk Based Security, within the first nine months of 2019, 5,183 data breaches were reported, exposing more than 7.9 billion compromised records.

These staggering figures indicate significant levels of data mismanagement and lack of proper content architectures that are preventing organizations from managing their content in optimised, structured and secure ways.

Financial, reputational and operational losses

Data breaches can lead to financial loss, reputational damage, operational downtime, loss of sensitive data, hefty data compliance fines and subsequent legal implications.

Storing data that continues to grow in volume can lead to increased costs, which is actually unnecessary.

Furthermore, if data becomes difficult to search and find, because of duplicated and the existence of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) data, it can significantly impact productivity and business decision processes.

Huge amounts of time are wasted in merely looking for documents and tedious, manual administration tasks can overwhelm both IT and human resources. This should not be the case – and it doesn’t have to be!

Financial, reputational and operational losses
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Discover an intelligent file analysis solution that redefines content architectures

The ideal file analysis software solution will help create the appropriate content architecture for the relevant, usable and important data to be stored. Here’s how:

Make smarter decisions

It’s important for organizations to understand the importance of turning information into valuable knowledge. A good file analysis solution will be modelled on relevant data hierarchies, such as the Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, (DIKW) hierarchy and leverage intelligent approaches to structuring content architectures.


Simplify complicated compliance and data security

Data should be easy to find and not require more than a quick search. The right file analysis solution will be able to locate and identify all data repositories that exist within the data storage system. It should provide relevant, actionable insights on how to best design or revise existing content architectures for data compliance and security requirements to be adhered to.

Optimize data storage and reduce costs

Uncontrollable growth in data volumes is often a consequence of not having appropriate ROT data management processes in place. Investing in an intelligent file analyzing solution will help identify irrelevant, duplicated and outdated content, thereby reducing the need to expand on data storage costs.

Increase productivity

Unstructured, unclassified data can exacerbate complications, especially with sensitive data that should have the right security permissions applied to it. The right file analyzing solution will identify and classify content correctly and ensure the correct application of the appropriate security permissions or sensitivity/retention labelling based on predetermined business rules.

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