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Header-Citrix sharefile migration to microsoft 365.
Citrix ShareFile Migration to Microsoft 365

ShareFile operates more like an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) system (like DropBox and Box) ...

Header-Grow your business with proventeq
Grow your business with Proventeq

Do you want to be able to migrate customers to the cloud faster, more profitably, and with less hass...

Header-Microsoft teams as easy as 1 2 3 dont believe the hype
Microsoft Teams - as easy as 1, 2, 3? Don't believe the hype!

With the big rush to get everyone working from home quickly, initiatives were rolled out by Microsof...

Header-Three reasons you should migrate from citrix sharefile to sharepoint onedrive
THREE reasons you should migrate from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint/OneDrive

Citrix ShareFile and other similar legacy File Sync and Share systems have had their day.

Header-Data management strategy
Why you need a data management strategy before content migration

By now, the positives of moving to the cloud and modern content services platforms should already be...

Header-What is content integration
What is content integration?

Proventeq's Content Integrator integrates existing content such as images, documents, and workflow p...

Header-What are the features and benefits of content classification
What are the features and benefits of content classification?

Proventeq’s Content ClassiFile is the perfect solution to make your scanned images full-text searcha...

Header-How to reduce your integration costs in salesforce with azure logic apps
How to reduce your integration costs in Salesforce with Azure Logic Apps

The technological stack of modern businesses is quite complex, with multiple applications playing a ...

Digital transformation in healthcare innovation and strategies
Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Innovation and Strategies

Digital transformation within the healthcare sector is paramount, and the innovation of data managem...

Driving efficiency with microsoft powerapps
Driving efficiency with Microsoft PowerApps as a part of Power Platform

PowerApps has become one of the most popular products under Microsoft 365's belt. It allows users to...

Header-Top tips for secure remote working with office 365
Top Tips for Secure Remote Working with Office 365

The recent health scare around coronavirus (COVID-19) has got everyone, quite rightly, working from ...

Header-Proventeq at the microsoft content services summit 2019
Proventeq discusses AI & Knowledge Management at Microsoft Content Services Summit

As you may already know, in the summer of 2019, Proventeq became a Microsoft Preferred Partner in Co...

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