Content Classifile

What are the features and benefits of content classification?

Kerry Callaway


09 Sep 2022

Proventeq’s Content ClassiFile is the perfect solution to make your scanned images full-text searchable. It has an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition functionality that extracts text from scanned images and allows images to appear in search results within your content repositories.


Content Classification - How it works:

Content classification categorizes unstructured information by performing knowledge graph-powered semantic analysis over the full text of the documents and applying supervised machine learning and rules that automate classification decisions.


Features and Benefits of Content Classification

  • Rules-based classification: Configurable rules-based document classification for both digital and scanned content.

  • Real-time filing: Real-time automated classification and filing for business-critical documents.

  • Machine Learning Automation: Harness the power of Machine Learning for intelligent automated content classification.

  • Secure Filing Processes: Easily apply security permissions to each content item as part of document filing.

  • Automatic Structure Extraction: Automatically extract the metadata and taxonomy from document contents.

  • Flexible & Customizable: Flexible system allows ClassiFile to meet content classification requirements.


How you'll benefit

  • Categorize your content automatically

  • Enjoy consistent classification tags

  • Organize your assets

  • Scale better than your human teams


Why Content ClassiFile?


Harness The Power Of Al And DL Models: 

Enable intelligent content classification using artificial intelligence and deep learning models.

Improve Document Searchability: 

Reorganize content with corporate taxonomy to improve document search, following a ‘lift & shift’ migration to Content Service Platforms.

Smarter And Secure Content Filing: 

Secure content filing by intelligently extracting key information from scanned images to support line-of-business application integrations, such as accounts payable.

Intelligent Financial Documents Processing: 

Intelligent document processing of financial documents such as invoices and purchase orders.

Proventeq's Content ClassiFile works seamlessly with our Content Analyzer and Content Integrator, all encompassed with our Migration Accelerator. Enabling a complex migration from your existing system to SharePoint a faultless transition. We aim to make migrating to a new platform seamless, with minimal disruption to your organization's day-to-day running. If you want to learn more about how you can work smarter with our Content ClassiFile, you can request a free trial or talk to one of our experts, who will happily provide you with all the information you need.

Take the guesswork out of your content classification, by booking a demo with one of our experts today.