Content Integrator includes a robust set of graphical tools and components that allow you to configure the solution and display and work with integrated content from disparate sources. A common set of APIs, not specific to a repository, allows you to create applications and solutions.

Why do you need to consider content integration?

The trend towards digitization and the diversity of available data sources on the internet has led to a surge in digitally available content in the last few years. This also increases the difficulty of finding the right piece of information in this mass of data.

Besides the enormous amount of data on the internet, examples are an organization’s many internal systems and its employees and organization’s knowledge, European, national, and international law and legislation, various publishers’ sources, and so on.

 How do you make sure your employees find the right information, as quickly and efficiently as possible?

The solution

Proventeq's Content Integrator defines the process of collecting, structuring, ranking, and providing access to all relevant information to a professional in a specific segment, through a portal or multiple applications.


Content-What is content integration

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