Customer organisations of all types are recognising the value of running their Office productivity environment in the Cloud and so are accelerating their plans to migrate their data and applications to Microsoft 365.  However, while some migrations are straight forward, many aren’t, so organisations are seeking to work with experienced partners who can help them.

This is where partnering with Proventeq may help you win more margin-rich opportunities and fast-track your growth.

Proventeq is one of just 14 Microsoft “Project Cortex” global launch partners and have been providing intelligent content migration tooling and modern workplace expertise many years.  We can help you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Providing you access to our analytics tool that will enable you to co-build with your customer a compelling business case for the desired migration;
  • Migrating your client’s data into one central location with accuracy and efficiency, regardless of the source repository, including ECM, ERP, CRM, file-sharing services, network folders, SharePoint, and others;
  • Eliminating the risk associated with migrating complex content from large ECM workloads to Microsoft 365;
  • Auto-classifying the data during the migration, short-cutting the time it takes to complete the project;
  • Helping reduce the adoption/on-boarding period and thereby increase your customer’s consumption of Microsoft 365 and Azure, and your related rebates;
  • Providing additional opportunities for you to make good margins from sales of additional products and services.

We are a partner-first organisation that understands the needs of Partners so have a wealth of experience and resource you can call up on, including:

  • Marketing support, to help you tell your story more effectively than your competition;
  • Education and Enablement readiness, to help you improve your relevance when speaking with customers;
  • Co-sell tools and support, to help you help you customer secure budgetary approval;
  • Technical training, to help ensure your technical team are fully capable of using our tools to the max.

Wherever you are on your journey to helping customers migrate to Microsoft 365, we are confident we can help you get there faster.  Contact us today to learn how.


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