To start the assessment and content analysis phase, initiate by answering the below questions:

  • How much content do you need to migrate?
  • What arrangement or format your current content is in?
  • How much of it is copy or duplicate content?
  • What elements and attributes do your documents possess?
  • How old are all of these documents?
  • Finally, what we discussed above, how much of it is out of work, outdated, or ROT data?

Significance of Content Analysis Phase

Treat this content analysis phase much like you would have a complete physical shift and ensure you don’t leave anything at the rear. This scenario means scrutinizing through shared drives and all workflows that grip the content you want to migrate to determine precisely where and how any data structured or not is utilized.

By searching using an array of different filters, you can find out just how content is being stored and how it can be well-organized moving further. This phase is not limited to only digital content, though. By also filtering through content in other formats during this phase, you can make sure that you have not mislaid any vital documentation.

Further, you can get going by digitizing the rest of your content. By ingesting all your unstructured content prior to you start in on the subsequent phase of your migration-based project; you can target two pieces of stuff. The foremost will be moving forward with precise content, and second, that your team will, for no reason, have to waste time searching information manually through files or folders again

Next-generation Search and Content Analytics Management Platform

We are gathering information and have stored all sorts of data on an unparalleled scale, which is not a new thing. For the first time, we have highly effective technology tools to make sense of it essentially.

Proventeq provides a next-generation search & content analytics management platform that enhances business performance by assisting organizations in finding and using information more productively.

Unlike conventional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or older content services platforms, Proventeq here unifies data across systems and content across the organization without disturbing present systems and processes requiring data migration.

Moving Forward

The committed team at Proventeq breaks down silos by providing a highly effective experience for utilizing and leveraging information that is stored in any system or diverse repositories. These systems include ECM, ERP, CRM, file-sharing services, network folders, SharePoint, and other repositories. Trust Proventeq’s enterprise-grade product platform which delivers relevant answers, insights, and text analytics right from your stored or ineffective unstructured data sets.

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