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Header-Work smarter with our content classifile
Work smarter with our Content ClassiFile

Suppose you have a large amount of content that needs migrating over from an existing platform. In t...

Header-Salesforce a leader in crm with shortcomings for document centric processes
Salesforce: a leader in CRM with shortcomings for document-centric processes

As a former Salesforce end-user, I believe it is fair to say that Salesforce is a best-of-breed plat...

Header-Have you gone digital
Have you gone digital?

If you haven't already, you should be looking at improving your business with a digital workplace.

Header-How to get the most value from your data migration
How to get the most value from your data migration

Before any migration, an understanding of the content you have; how much, and what types of content ...

Header-Modernize legacy case management with salesforce and sharepoint
Modernize legacy case management with Salesforce and SPO

Information management is an umbrella term that covers all processes to do with data within an organ...

Header-Sharepoint is the place to migrate
SharePoint is the place to migrate to

SharePoint is the place for collaboration within your team of employees, improving its efficiency an...

Header-Citrix sharefile migration to microsoft 365.
Citrix ShareFile Migration to Microsoft 365

ShareFile operates more like an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) system (like DropBox and Box) ...

Header-Grow your business with proventeq
Grow your business with Proventeq

Do you want to be able to migrate customers to the cloud faster, more profitably, and with less hass...

Header-Microsoft teams as easy as 1 2 3 dont believe the hype
Microsoft Teams - as easy as 1, 2, 3? Don't believe the hype!

With the big rush to get everyone working from home quickly, initiatives were rolled out by Microsof...

Header-Three reasons you should migrate from citrix sharefile to sharepoint onedrive
THREE reasons you should migrate from Citrix ShareFile to SharePoint/OneDrive

Citrix ShareFile and other similar legacy File Sync and Share systems have had their day.

Header-Data management strategy
Why you need a data management strategy before content migration

By now, the positives of moving to the cloud and modern content services platforms should already be...

Header-What is content integration
What is content integration?

Proventeq's Content Integrator integrates existing content such as images, documents, and workflow p...

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