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What implications does chatgpt have for the information management-industry
What implications does ChatGPT have for the Information Management Industry?

One technology that is gaining popularity in the Information Management Industry is ChatGPT.

How power platform can transform the insurance industry in 2023
How Power Platform can transform the insurance industry in 2023

The insurance industry is constantly evolving, and technology has become essential for companies wit...

Header-Top tips about making the most of Microsoft Teams from wherever you are
Working smarter remotely with Microsoft Teams

There are many reasons and requirements for remote work, and meeting those requirements flexibly is ...

Header-Long-term-preservation of digital records why retention matters
Long-term preservation of digital records - why retention matters

Content security and classification have become a growing concern for many organizations and with bo...

Header-Client portals for ecm platforms
Why Liferay is perfect for self-service client portals

Customers become frustrated when they waste time trying to find the information they need. Getting t...

Header-15 years of Proventeq
Fifteen years of Proventeq

"As Proventeq turns fifteen, I want to take a moment to reflect on our story so far, to express our ...

Header-The answer to the ROTten data migration and classification conundrum
The answer to the ROTten-data migration and classification conundrum

Most organisations are migrating, backing up, migrating again, and backing up again years of unclass...

Header-Automated link resolution the key for a successful content migration
Automated Link Resolution: The Key for a Successful Content Migration

An exciting journey begins when an organization decides to migrate its business content from a legac...

Header-How Content Integration increases productivity and effectiveness of collaboration
How Content Integration increases productivity and effectiveness of collaboration

Organizations are forever striving for consistency. Maintaining good document management hygiene an...

Header-Things you should know when migrating from documentum to sharepoint
Things you should know when migrating from Documentum to SharePoint

Migrating from Documentum can present a range of challenges that could negatively impact the outcome...

Header-Cio series the value of intelligent migration to office 365
CIO Series: The Value of Intelligent Migration to Office 365

Legacy ECM systems have provided sophisticated functionality to organizations for some time.

Header-Imanage to sharepoint within the legal sector
iManage to SharePoint within the Legal Sector

McAllister Olivarius is a law firm that our team at Proventeq has helped migrate from their iManage ...

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