So, whether you already use it on a daily or are yet to try it, here are four tips to help you get the very best from using Microsoft Teams while working remotely from home- or wherever you need to.

1) Make All Your Meetings Productive:

Microsoft’s Work Reworked report reveals that people feel that a staggering 52% of their work time each week is spent inefficiently due to things like unnecessary interruptions, searching for information, and inefficient meetings.

The end-to-end capability of Microsoft Teams’ meetings helps remove frustration and inefficiency by bringing everything you need for every meeting into one place. When you plan meetings, you can use Teams to add an agenda, documents to pre-read, and other discussion topics.

By doing this, it means that during the meeting, you can keep everybody focused on that one topic by switching on a video for a more engaging personal experience.

Plus, you can collaborate on Office 365 documents and develop ideas in real-time using the digital whiteboard, which is great for coming up with ideas together as a team.

After the meeting, all the meeting assets, including a recording, action points, whiteboard, and meeting notes are available, so the team can continue to discuss and collaborate on topics started during the meeting. That means everybody’s in the loop and nobody gets frustrated trying to find materials developed or shown during the meeting. Even those who couldn’t attend.

2) Organize Larger Live Events Online With Microsoft Teams:
Microsoft Teams is great for live events, you can organize larger meetings than you would be able to normally…such as town halls, marketing webinars, launch events, and training events.

You can deliver presentations with up to 100,000 attendees inside or outside your organization. That means you can be sure that everybody working remotely can participate and get up to speed.

3) Add Your Favourite Apps And Bots To Microsoft Teams:

Apps let you do more in Microsoft Teams. If you think about all the familiar tools, files, and dashboards that your organization already uses. Many of them can be added to Microsoft Teams, and you can add new ones by going to Apps.

You can use them in both chats and channels, so you’ll have all the relevant information and tools you need to be as productive as possible, whoever you’re working with.

Here are a few of the interesting apps and bots check out on Microsoft Teams:

Go to the Apps section in Teams to discover more – new ones are being added all the time.

Who:  Who is a bot to get information about anyone in your organization?

The meetings tab has all the information you need and who will be in the meeting with you. It is also great when you receive a message from someone you aren’t sure of and want to quickly find out who it is and what they are currently working on.

Microsoft Planner: Organise upcoming tasks by adding one or more Planner tabs to your Teams channel. You can track the status of existing tasks and be notified if a new one gets assigned to you.

Icebreaker: This Microsoft Teams bot helps your team get to know each other by pairing two random team members every week to meet online or – when possible – offline. The bot makes scheduling easy by automatically suggesting free times that work for both. It’s great for strengthening personal connections between remote teams and helping to build and maintain a tight-knit community.

Crisis communication: Certain circumstances may require you to coordinate information and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis. This rapid response solution can be implemented and customized quickly by any organization.

4) Collaborate On Office Files In Microsoft Teams:

When working remotely, you’ll need to collaborate on Office documents with your team. Microsoft Teams has made it simple by enabling you to create work on Word, Excel or even PowerPoint documents within Teams itself. That way there is no need to switch between all the different apps.

You can also co-author with your colleagues, share notes and add comments. You can even start a chat or a meeting from a document to discuss edits.

5) Microsoft Teams Mobile App:

Have you got Microsoft Teams on your mobile? It is the perfect way to stay on top of team discussions while on the move. You can get all the features on your mobile as well as taking part in meetings from your phone.

Just make sure to set boundaries so you are only working during your work hours and what suits you best.

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