However, with workplaces sprawling into people’s homes, maintaining consistency is becoming more challenging.  This is where having a content integration strategy can help.

Content integration enables workers to collaborate effectively and be more productive by making it easier for them to search for documents across all content repositories.

It offers a single point of access to all documents and content within an organization by publishing or pushing the content to other systems (such as enterprise portals, web sites), and if managed properly can significantly reduce data replication and the associated backup and storage costs.

Content integration has many use cases, such as:

Legacy system optimization

Publishing content from legacy ECMS systems to intranet solutions built on SharePoint & Liferay allows organizations to continue to benefit from their legacy systems until they are fully decommissioned.

Workflow automation

Rules based content synchronization can take place across cloud and on-premise systems, helping to simplify workflows and improve process efficiency.

Remote working support

Remote workers can work and collaborate with documents while maintaining data security and Information Governance as any data from applications such as Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint is automatically synced back to your DMS.

Reduction in storage costs

Automatic or user initiated content archiving back to your DMS instead of paying for cloud storage.

Information Governance

Having just one version of the truth to maintain makes information management much easier and helps to reduce eDiscovery and storage costs.

Finding the right content integration solution is paramount to maintaining good document management hygiene, which is where Proventeq’s Content Integrator comes in.

Content Integrator enables content integration and synchronization of a host of content types such as documents, files and digital assets from a wide range of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms to your Cloud-based Content Services Platform (CSP).

Content Integrator empowers truly cohesive digital asset management within your document management or content services environment; centralizing business-critical content and putting it at the fingertips of your organization.

Speak to one of our Content Integration experts today and learn how your organization will benefit.

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