For me and my co-founders Balu Herbert and Rakesh Chenchery, the idea of starting of a software company took seed while we were working together at a product company based in Henley-on-Thames. But it really found form in early 2007, when we were working on one of the UK government's largest Enterprise Content Management projects: an early initiative to build a shared platform across government departments.

As Technical Design Authority on the project, we faced the difficult challenge of migrating content from various legacy platforms onto a common platform. There were no reliable products and very little expertise available to address this requirement.

We realized then that there was a big gap in the market and on 31st August 2007, we formed Proventeq—initially as a product-led migration consultancy—to fill that gap.  Our first product took shape in 2008, and thanks to our niche positioning, expertise and a clear vision to help customers adopt the latest technologies, Proventeq soon counted familiar names such as the UK Department for Education, Cancer Research UK and Hays among our customers.

In 2009 we launched Proventeq India in Pune to expand our product development capabilities, particularly in response to increasing cloud adoption. Our early migration product evolved into Migration Accelerator in 2012 and we rolled out support for Office 365 in 2014. In the years that followed, we continued to enhance our products and services to meet the requirements of increasingly complex enterprise-level migrations and developed a portfolio of blue-chip customers and government organizations.

Proventeq Migration Accelerator gained recognition with leading industry analysts like Forrester and Gartner – in 2018, Proventeq was featured in the Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration, confirming its position as a leading player in this segment.

By the start of 2019, we decided to be more ambitious and accelerate our growth by expanding our consulting offerings around Digital Workplace, Intelligent Process Automation, Digital Experience and Managed Services.

We launched Proventeq MEA in Dubai in 2019 Autumn and the following year launched a near-shore centre in the Czech Republic to develop our SaaS product line. This was followed by a sales office in USA in 2021 and we are continuously looking for opportunities to further expand our global presence.

Our most important asset

"No business can succeed without its people and we’ve no hesitation in saying that our team across the world are both our greatest asset and the key to our success so far. We hugely appreciate the contribution of our employees to Proventeq’s success and thank them for their amazing dedication, work ethic and customer focus.

Thank you also to our wonderful customers for their continued support, trust and rewarding collaborations.

One of our founding principles is that we want to be a great company to work with and to work for – something that only gains importance as we grow. It’s our belief that the two are inseparable because happy employees make for happy customers. For us, the key to putting people at the centre of a business is a simple core value: treat all your stakeholders how you would like to be treated. That means doing all you can to ensure employees and customers have the best possible experience."

What’s next?

"As for the future, we would like to make Proventeq synonymous with the entire content journey and the go-to provider for the full spectrum of content and digital migration, automation, modern workspace initiatives, customer and employee experience. We are looking forward to the launch of our new SaaS product line - Content Productivity Suite – which will take our offerings to the next level.

In recent years we’ve actively sought to learn from and embrace a growth mindset and we’re seeing great results from that. Reflecting on our journey reminds me of Sergey Bubka, the pole vault athlete who holds the world record for breaking the maximum number of world records in athletics. He broke the world record 35 times between 1984 and 1994 because he always strived to raise the bar – literally! Like him, we aim for a culture of continuous improvement.

Our journey is far from over, but Proventeq’s fifteenth anniversary is a great opportunity to celebrate what has been a wonderful experience for us and, I hope, our wider team across the world. When we started the company, we had no idea where the journey would take us; we simply wanted to fill a gap in the market and advance technology in a way that would contribute to business and enterprise efficiency. It's been a fantastic journey. We’ve come from an idea shared between three people to a team of over 100 spread across six countries, eight nationalities and customers in 25+ countries.

Here's to the future for our employees and customers. Thank you."

Nitin Mahajan, CEO, Proventeq

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