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Header-Best practices for migrating content from imanage to sharepoint
Best Practices for Migrating Content from iManage to SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint has become a leader in the Content Services sector thanks to its ease of use,...

Header-Cio series the value of intelligent migration to office 365
CIO Series: The Value of Intelligent Migration to Office 365

Legacy ECM systems have provided sophisticated functionality to organizations for some time.

Header-how sharepoint syntex uses ai to meet transactional content management challenges
How SharePoint Syntex uses AI to Meet Transactional Content Management Challenges

The clue to what Transactional Content Management (TCM) is lies in the very nomenclature: it’s about...

Header-Transforming monolithic net applications with azure a guide for isvs
Transforming monolithic .NET applications with Azure: A guide for ISVs

As software applications grow and evolve over time, monolithic applications, built using traditional...

Header-Why you should migrate to a cloud based office
Why you should migrate to a cloud-based office

Cloud computing has many advantages. One of the main ones is advanced security. With so many cyber t...

Header-Going paperless good for your green credentials and your productivity
Going paperless: good for your green credentials and your productivity

For many reasons 2020 will be a memorable year. In addition to the pandemic, this year will be reme...

Header-5 reasons to migrate to modern sharePoint
5 Reasons to migrate to modern SharePoint

Modern SharePoint is the new and improved big brother to its classic on-premises predecessor. It has...

Case Study

Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams

SharePoint Migration : Expectation vs Reality
SharePoint Migration : Expectation vs Reality

Your guide to building a migration business case with confidence

AIIM 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry
AIIM 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry

A Wake-Up Call for Organization Leaders. A FREE report that combines independent research, data tren...

Intelligent Migration eBook
Intelligent Migration eBook

Navigate the complexities of migrating legacy systems to SharePoint

Modernize legacy case management business guide
Business Guide
Modernize legacy case management with Salesforce and SharePoint

Best practice guidelines for integration

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