By combining their already popular Office range of productivity tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with the relatively new kid on the block Teams, Microsoft unleashed the power and flexibility of working both within the cloud and across a wide range of devices.Microsoft 365 is now a daily mainstay for most businesses across the globe.

At the center of this flexibility lies SharePoint Online. Teams’ less sexy backend. Once seen as a rudimentary document management system, SharePoint has now become the native Content Services backbone supporting productivity and collaboration through Microsoft's digital office applications. 

So, why should you love SharePoint? Often SharePoint isn’t given the recognition it deserves, which is also a part of its great success.

However, by providing a seamless productivity environment that frees users up to create, store, share, and manage content without having to get bogged down in administrative tasks or replication of effort.SharePoint has quickly become the unsung backbone of the modern digital workplace.

Here are the top three features of SharePoint which make your work life better.

1. Frictionless working 

Remember before M365 when a Sales Word doc, an Accounting Excel spreadsheet, and a Marketing PowerPoint presentation walked into a bar and started to talk? Yeah, me neither because they all used to sit as disconnected pockets of information that required storage, management, and governance in a separate third-party system. Which led to duplication of effort, missing or misplaced data, and hours of fun looking for last year's sales report. 

Enter Microsoft 365 with Teams. Thanks to SharePoint acting as the central repository for a wide array of content types; creating, storing, interacting with, and distributing content is now an easy task. But this isn’t where SharePoint stops making working with content a seamless experience. Thanks to SharePoint’s ability to transform a nearly limitless number of tasks, from simple notifications to complex operational workflows, the platform is the vital piece needed to accelerate productivity and maximize the velocity of knowledge within your organization. 

Are you falling in love yet?

2. Content anywhere

Teams, with a helping hand from Covid, has changed the way we work. It allows teams and individuals from across departments or offices, whether they are on the other side of the world or the other side of the room, to collaborate in real-time. It gives you access to important information across every device. Productivity no longer has to stop because the trains do. Take that meeting from your mobile. Present your end-of-year report from your living room. Microsoft’s digital workplace tools are helping to shape a modern approach to productivity.

3. Serious searchability

Search in SharePoint enables users to find relevant information more quickly and easily than ever before and makes it easy for you to tailor the search experience. This is not an out-the-box solution, but you can tailor the search experience across Microsoft 365 to your organization to help your users find what they are looking for the first time. It also provides several API sets for more advanced customizations and solutions which we can help you navigate. 

As you can see SharePoint is the base layer to the key benefits of Microsoft 365 linking all your favorite work applications. Not satisfied with merely being a data repository it also helps you turn data into actionable insight and gain maximum value from your Microsoft investment.  


Before you can make the most of Teams modern workplace benefits you need to show SharePoint some love. Speak to our Microsoft Experts today about migrating to Microsoft 365 or optimizing your existing environment.

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