If your organisation is concerned about compliance and security, then upgrading to E5 could be worthwhile.

Microsoft 365 E5 combines best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security, compliance, voice and analytical capabilities. In this blog, we will explain the key three reasons why upgrading to an E5 license is a worthy investment. 

1. Simplify compliance and reduce risk

There is growing pressure on organizations of all sizes to comply with regulatory governance and compliance. Do you feel it? Microsoft 365 E5 offers Advanced Compliance capabilities which help ensure that your organization remains compliant.

Advanced Compliance continuously assesses risk across Microsoft Cloud services, including Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, automatically protecting and governing sensitive data throughout its lifecycle and efficiently responding to regulatory requests. 

It identifies risks by locating data and understanding how it is being used, helps safeguard the data by configuring protection and retention labels, identifies critical insider risks and takes appropriate remedial action. 
Plus, its advanced eDiscovery feature helps your organization find relevant data quickly and cost-effectively.


2. Integrate and visualize decision-making data

You may already be using Power BI - which can pull data from across your Microsoft product suite and present it visually in a professional format to inform business insights. But Power BI Pro, (which is included in E5 but only partially included in E3), is the advanced version of Power BI, which gives your access to the full capabilities of Power BI. This includes sharing content and collaborating with other users. Power BI Pro can aid critical business decision making by turning large unwieldy sets of data into an easily digestible visual format. An ideal solution for time-strapped business leaders. 


3. Meet your legal, business and regulatory recordkeeping obligations

As remote work becomes the new normal, securing and governing your organization’s most critical data is extremely important. Records Management provides you with greater depth in protecting and governing critical data. With Records Management, you can:

  • Classify, retain, review, dispose, and manage content without compromising productivity or data security
  • Leverage machine learning capabilities to identify and classify regulatory, legal, and business-critical records at scale
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations through defensible audit trails and proof of destruction

With an E3 license, you can only create and manage non-record labels, which does not give you access to any records management features, such as being able to declare a document as a record or receive proof of disposition. 

However, if you upgrade to an E5 license, you will be able to utilize machine learning to automatically classify content to a retention label with trainable classifiers.

If security and compliance are important to you, then you should seriously consider upgrading to E5. At Proventeq we are experts in Enterprise-Content Management migration services and can take the risk and guesswork out of your migration strategy. To learn more about how upgrading to E5 can help improve your decision-making process, improve security and compliance, contact us today.  

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