However, IBM FileNet is a 25-year-old system. Companies using this system now want to update and migrate to a cloud-based system like SharePoint due to encountering problems in maintaining and supporting the platform.In any migration from one system to another, there are challenges to face, and therefore need thoughtful planning, a robust migration strategy, an understanding of migration risk profile and knowledge of the differences between the two platforms.

AvalonBay Communities were a company that was looking to migrate their IBM FileNet system to Sharepoint Online. However, they had a large volume of content to migrate; over 120 million emails and documents.

The company wanted to reduce the overall infrastructure and licensing costs and centralise their document management structure.

The Proventeq team faced a problem: IBM FileNet and DB2 platforms' inability to withstand the multitude of concurrent requests and therefore had to find another solution to the migration.

Proventeq's Solution: Migration work had to be split across multiple Site Collections and Libraries to stay within the limits of Sharepoint Online. Archive Lotus emails with attachments needed to be restored within Exchange online and emails without attachments restored to Sharepoint online.

Proventeq has the right tools for the right migration strategy. With Proventeq's Migration accelerator tool, they could discover, analyse, classify, enhance and migrate their AvalonBay Communities content to SharePoint. With a tight timeframe and the need for minimal downtime, Proventeq were able to achieve what was thought to be an impossible job.

To find out more about the challenges that Proventeq was able to overcome and how they were able to migrate over 120 million documents and emails to Sharepoint Online, you can view the AvalonBay Communities case study here.

If you are looking into migrating your system from IBM FileNet to Sharepoint, get in touch with us and see how we can help you.

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