The primary purpose of SharePoint is its easy access to documents and seamless collaboration amongst your workforce, boosting efficiency and productivity.

Authorized users can instantly and securely find, view, edit, and share documents within the system.

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, and you will be able to access the company's files from anywhere, providing easy access for your team members who work remotely.

Your corporate documents can be seamlessly managed from your SharePoint and determine who can access specific documents.

Below are a few benefits of SharePoint:

Sharing Documents

With access to documents, you can edit and share with other team members for their input, all in real-time. Once the file is saved to the SharePoint documents library, your team has permission to access it, allowing them to edit, read, and comment on the file.

Seamless Collaboration

One of SharePoint's main benefits is its seamless collaboration. Real-time access allows for an improved workflow and is critical to working on and sharing documents.

When you have multiple members working on the same document and saving amended versions, and sharing via email, it can get confusing as to which version of the file is the latest. However, when using SharePoint, any changes made to a document are synced automatically, eliminating the issue of too many versions of the same file.

A Customisable Platform

No company has a one size fits all platform. Whether you're a small business or a large organization, your needs will differ. This is where SharePoint customization comes in, as you will be able to have customization that suits your business's needs and requirements. You can customize your SharePoint platform in terms of navigation, design, content, and features to have everything your business needs.

Whether you're migrating from an existing platform to SharePoint, Proventeq can make sure your system is migrated securely and in good time. If you'd like to learn more about how our migration process works and how we can customize your SharePoint to suit your business needs, get in touch with us

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