Having a customizable system to suit the needs of our clients is also important to us.An example of this would be migrating a multi-source system to SharePoint for our client Babcock International. Babcock International delivers critical engineering support for the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defense, in the energy, defense telecommunications, transport, and education sectors.

Babcock had a requirement to migrate terabytes of data from multiple systems consolidated into one accessible, secure SharePoint system. Using our migration accelerator, we were able to trial the migration and securely map the transfer of data, highlighting any future rectification errors.

Security was paramount for Babcock due to the sensitive nature of the government documents and contracts, and therefore, maintaining high-level security of their content throughout the migration was paramount. Because of this, when migrating from those multi-source systems to SharePoint, each piece of content was reassigned to the same level of security as within the original system, ensuring the asset library remained protected.

Click here to view the entire case study on Babcock International.

Proventeq ensures that the transition between systems is as seamless as possible without any negative impact on the company’s operations.

There are challenges to overcome with every migration, but with our Discovery and Analysis, our content integrator, and migration accelerator, we can accomplish even the most complex of migrations.  

If you have a multi-source system that you would like to consolidate into one platform, we’re the team you need. We strive to achieve business transformation and growth for our clients, and we thrive in high-impact scenarios and workloads. By utilizing our technological solutions and migration tools, we make sure to make your content work smarter.

So why not call us or drop us an email and see how we can get your business running efficiently, securely, and productively?

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