The client had a legacy collaborative ecosystem in which Microsoft and Sharefile worked together but wanted to consolidate these in Microsoft SharePoint in order to benefit from time and cost savings. The company also stored data on a mixture of OneDrive sites and other content management systems and wanted these to be moved into their personal spaces.Some initial work had been carried out for the migration between spring and summer 2021, but our client and Raona decided to use Proventeq’s expertise to ensure a successful Delta stage migration a year later.

Some of the client’s Sharefile folders had been shared with external partners and there were various security and permission levels across the content management system.

It was a key requirement of the migration that external sharing was maintained.The Proventeq team, therefore, needed to duplicate the existing and varying levels of permission. Our team sustained the required (and differing) security levels and metadata protocols while we migrated the data into Sharepoint, successfully replicating the levels of security and data integrity.

Our client had diverse versioning within its existing data, with specific requirements for how this was reproduced in Sharepoint. In some cases the team needed all versions of key documents and in others, the latest version only. Our team also had to establish this and migrate the data accordingly.

By working together, our client, Raona and Proventeq accurately mapped the folder permissions and data and the migration took place successfully. Internal users were provisioned as such, while external users were allocated external user permissions. We successfully moved 4 Terrabytes of information, reduced overall licensing costs, and helped the client to fully utilize the Microsoft infrastructure. After migration, the folder-sharing permissions work in exactly the same way they did in OneDrive; a key project outcome.

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