However, with its content challenging to navigate, govern and distribute to internal and external stakeholders and it becoming more costly to manage, a change was in order.
Our team at Proventeq was chosen for the complex migration from Meridio to Sharepoint Online. So, what complications did they face, and how were these overcome?


A complex legacy platform

Due to a lack of internal platform administration knowledge and expertise, the Proventeq team had to do an in-depth analysis and reverse engineering of the highly customized platform.

Inconsistent source metadata

Before the migration, a file inspection went underway to determine the correct file types due to them being stored incorrectly.


Full-text conversion of image scans Before the migration, over 700,000 scanned images needed optical character recognition and full-text extraction.

How did our Proventeq team achieve the complex migration?

With a 5-stage solution of discovery and analysis, information optimization, a pilot migration, and conversion of scanned files, all the way to a full-fidelity live migration.

The discovery and analysis stage.

To determine the volume and distribution of the Department of Education content. Doing this flagged up metadata and source content inconsistencies that were addressed.

Information architecture optimization.

This involved an in-depth analysis of the Meridio file structure so the team could design an optimal target information architecture. The Meridio folder hierarchy exceeded Sharepoint's URL length limit, so documents were loading in a shortened folder hierarchy.

A pilot migration.

A pilot migration demonstrated to the Department of Education how the migration worked and if it met their needs, allowing them to understand the document management capabilities of Sharepoint Online.

OCR conversion of scanned files.

Thousands of files in many different file types the Department of Education had included PDF files, images, and typed documents. The Proventeq team extracted text from images and used the information for metadata to make the content searchable once migrated over.

Full fidelity live migration.

The Department of Education's team overseeing the migration and its design and system architecture gave the green light to do the final migration stage. The Proventeq team used their migration accelerator to execute the full-fidelity migration and successfully migrated over 7 million content items

If you have a highly customized platform costing you more money to manage and think a migration to a Sharepoint platform would benefit your business, get in touch with the Proventeq team and find out how we can help you.

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