Manage’s inherent complexity (both application and IT complexity), requires a qualified iManage consultant to train your firm on using iManage. Is it all worth it? The many files stored in iManage, emails, pdfs, or office files are classified and categorized by document classes and subclasses such as by client, project, or matter.

So why migrate from iManage to SharePoint if you're in the above sectors?

iManage’s inherent complexity (both application and IT complexity), requires a qualified iManage consultant to train your firm on using iManage. Additionally, using large data sets means you'll need to either maintain an on-premise server or pay for iManage's own hosted server service.

What you need is a solution that enhances the employee experience, meets compliance and governance regulations, and offers excellent performance. That's where Microsoft's SharePoint comes in!

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based collaboration system using applications and features to bring your workplace together, creating a space for collaboration and increased efficiency.

No matter the size of your business, SharePoint improves productivity whilst keeping shared documents secure and organized. This solves several of your business objectives from governance to managing security and permissions. 

What should you do next?

Migrating to SharePoint from iManage is more complex than dragging and dropping onto a new platform. Suppose your goal is to streamline your business while ensuring you get the maximum value from your information. In that case, you will need your new SharePoint platform to be optimized for productivity, collaboration, and growth.  With all migrations, it requires careful preparation.

Why you should choose the Proventeq team

Our team will plan the best way to migrate your system from iManage to SharePoint with you, ensuring all the complexities and best practices are covered and prepared for. We make sure that your migration process has the proper structure and solution so that no matter what complexities arise, there's a plan in place for a successful migration.

The Process


From initial insights so that our team can identify the project scope, content, and scale of the new content architecture, we will use advanced discovery, analysis, and reporting functions with our Content Analyser.

During Migration

During your migration from iManage to SharePoint, you can restructure your content to make it more accessible to your users in the most efficient way. Our Content ClassiFile will automatically classify your content based on your business rules.


Our Content Integrator can help you optimize your content and increase its searchability. By consolidating your content from multiple systems and repositories easily and quickly, ensuring everything is all in one place, classified and secure, whilst allowing users to get the most out of your new system.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about how you can migrate your iManage system to SharePoint, get in touch with us here.

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