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Header-Its time to make our content work smarter
It's time to make our content work smarter

No migration is the same. Our team at Proventeq ensures that our clients get the most out of their n...

Header-How to migrate from documentum to sharepoint
How to migrate from Documentum to SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a leader in the Content Services sector because of its range of attractive f...

Header-The perfect tool for highly complex content migration projects
The Perfect Tool for Highly Complex Content Migration Projects

The migration accelerator is the jewel in Proventeq's software crown - a content migration tool perf...

Header-how sharepoint syntex uses ai to meet transactional content management challenges
How SharePoint Syntex uses AI to Meet Transactional Content Management Challenges

The clue to what Transactional Content Management (TCM) is lies in the very nomenclature: it’s about...

Header-Getting the most out of your cloud migration project
Getting the most out of your cloud migration project

Having a cloud-based platform can help significantly reduce costs, create efficiency within your bus...

Replacing costly Robotic Process Automation solutions with Microsoft 365

Costlier Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology has become increasingly popular in recent years...

Header-Making the move from imanage to microsoft 365
Making the Move from iManage to Microsoft 365

Learn how to best navigate the complexities of legacy system content migration with this best practi...

Header-Managing contracts and associated risk in Microsoft 365
Managing contracts and associated risk in Microsoft 365

Contracts are essential parts of any business and managing them is crucial to avoid legal or financi...

Header-The purpose and benefits of sharepoint
The Purpose and Benefits of SharePoint

The primary purpose of SharePoint is its easy access to documents and seamless collaboration amongst...

Header-How to turn information into valuable insights through ai based knowledge management technologies
How to turn information into valuable insights through AI-based Knowledge Management technologies

Knowledge Management has been around as a topic for more than 20 years.

Header-Transforming monolithic net applications with azure a guide for isvs
Transforming monolithic .NET applications with Azure: A guide for ISVs

As software applications grow and evolve over time, monolithic applications, built using traditional...

Header-Why you should migrate to a cloud based office
Why you should migrate to a cloud-based office

Cloud computing has many advantages. One of the main ones is advanced security. With so many cyber t...

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