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Our public sector team provides a wealth of experience and our software is designed to enable a smooth transition to the digital workplace.
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As a G-Cloud 12 supplier, our Public Sector team provides a wealth of experience and our software is designed to enable a smooth transition to the digital workplace. Our systems are flexible and can be customised to your unique needs. Managing change with us is more than just movement, as our products enrich the data held in your existing system. The resulting information allows you to streamline your assets and ensures a successful, timely migration.

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Move smarter: A guide to intelligent migration eBook

Move smarter:
A guide to intelligent migration eBook

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Our Digital Transformation Services

Content Analytics & Intelligent Classification

Content Analytics & Intelligent Classification

Using our content analytics tool, Content Analyser, will not only enhance your understanding of your content but also run pre-migration checks to ensure a smooth transition. The product utilises built-in, interactive Power BI reports to help you understand the metadata, taxonomy, structure, and security of your assets.

Additionally, our Content Classifile software offers a fully customisable experience; this intelligent tool utilises Artifical Intelligence to create classification and document filing rules based on your specific needs.

Cloud Application Migration

With our cloud application migration service, you can quickly migrate your web apps to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud and Microsoft's Azure cloud platforms

We also offer a range of application planning and development solutions.

Cloud Application Migration

Content Sync & Integration

Content Integrator is the perfect solution to integrate your entire content portfolio easily, quickly with the level of enrichment and integrity you need for success.

The flexible, customisable element of Content Integrator means that it works specifically for your business' bespoke requirements.

Content Sync & Integration
Proventeq Intelligent Content

Knowledge Systems Migration to M365

We provide expert consultancy services for Digital workplace implementation using SharePoint online/Office 365 for harnessing the collective knowledge. The service includes migration from legacy Knowledge Systems to Office 365 with content classification, Knowledge classification and information architecture, Knowledge implementation best practices, Knowledge Insights, training, adoption and change management

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