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Cloud-native development is a powerful approach to building and deploying applications that can help organizations achieve greater scalability, reliability, and agility. We understand the challenge organizations face when running applications that fully exploit the advantages of the cloud computing model.
Proventeq embrace cloud-native development principles, with great expertise and best practices, to help organizations build applications that are optimized for the cloud computing model and can be easily ported across different cloud platforms.

Cloud-Native Development: The Expertise Gap
of organizations feel that lack of expertise is a key challenge in cloud-native development.
Cloud-Native Adoption: The Cost of Entry
of organizations estimate the cost of developing applications on cloud platforms as expensive. This deters organizations from moving to cloud-native due to limited budget.

The paradigm shift from traditional development

Focus on deploying applications on a single server or data centre. Cloud-native development emphasizes the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies such as containers, microservices, serverless computing, and cloud-native storage.

Take advantage of new technologies and be digital age ready

Cloud-native development enables developers to focus on building applications, rather than worrying about infrastructure. Cloud-native development also makes applications more resilient and reliable.

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Moving from legacy monolithic applications to modern cloud-native applications - key challenges

From providing secured solutions to good expertise, cost-effectiveness, integrations, and better performance, Proventeq offers a reliable and scalable cloud-native solution tailored to meet your business need.

We ensure that your data is secure and protected from potential malicious actors. This can be done through encryption, access control, and identity management solutions.


 Get the most out of cloud-native development service, utilizing our cost-effective solutions to develop and deploy your cloud applications.


We ensure your applications are optimized to scale up or down as needed in order to keep up with modern business and customer demands.


It is always a priority to make sure that our solutions can help your organization integrate seamlessly with existing business systems and processes.

Cloud-native development - why Proventeq?

Our solution focuses on assessing, deploying, developing, and managing applications on the cloud, leveraging its scalability and flexibility to create robust, efficient, and secure applications. This involves assessing your business situation and building a business case. We can help you with adopting a cloud-first strategy, moving beyond the computing, storage, and network benefits.

Our experienced developers are well-versed in the latest cloud technologies, software, cloud-native architectures, and security best practices, allowing us to provide the best solution. We have expertise in developing applications on the cloud platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Cloud platforms & tools
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Why businesses should adopt a cloud-first strategy

Develop and deploy scalable, resilient, and maintainable applications in modern cloud environments.

Cost efficiency

Reduce costs associated with traditional development processes - access, build, deploy, and manage your cloud applications with minimal cost and effort.


The scalability and flexibility of cloud-native applications allow you to introduce improvements in real-time to optimize the performance of your apps even further. 

Improved security

Cloud native applications are designed to take advantage of the built-in security features of the cloud - more secure than traditional applications that rely on manual security measures.

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