QBE Insurance Group

Migration from KCenter to Oracle WebCenter

Client Profile

The QBE Insurance Group is one of the world's top insurers and reinsurers, providing cover in more than 150 countries. QBE’s commitment is to provide quality underwriting and claim performance whilst continuing to invest in strategic growth and operational initiatives.

Multiple EU Locations
Oracle WebCenter

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Case Study Overview

QBE’s European Operations elected to migrate all insurance data held within their document management solution KCenter to the Oracle WebCenter platform. Their WebCenter migration project included all policies, claims, and underwriting for the organization and, due to the nature of this content, QBE were required to adhere to strict regulatory requirements.

As the legacy KCenter system would continue to function for over a year post-migration, QBE required a solution to synchronise content from KCenter to Oracle WebCenter, ensuring that QBE’s users would continue to find documents added by workflows within the new system.

The Complexities Of Migrating From KCenter To Oracle WebCenter

  • Over 28 million documents migrated with their revisions, and retained in its original form in WebCenter to meet regulatory requirements
  • Document stored in a deeply-nested hierarchy of 8 million folders had to be flattened with the correct metadata tags in Oracle WebCenter
  • KCenter allowed documents to be reclassified during its lifespan with a different set of metadata, all of which had to be handled during migration
  • Large volumes of content created over many years had redundant and unused metadata
  • Security inheritance using user and group permissions at different levels had to be analysed and consolidated into a security model that is easy to manage
  • Given the large volume of migration, business downtime during migration had to be minimised

Solving QBE Insurance Group’ Unique Challenges

Our team at Proventeq worked closely with QBE’s IT & Business team alongside the implementation partner, Infomentum, to ensure the timely migration to the new WebCenter platform. This has enabled QBE to accelerate the adoption of Oracle WebCenter across the organization.

The unique versatility of our Proventeq Migration Accelerator was the key technology driving QBE’s content migration to Oracle WebCenter; providing the power of an automated solution while reducing the overall cost of migration.

Proventeq Discovery and Content Analytics technology helped QBE identify any inconsistencies in their content and security and empowered their team to create rules to ensure their data is compatible with the new design in WebCenter. The solution has enabled an expedited migration to WebCenter for QBE, with the key ability to migrate all relevant metadata for over 28 million files.

Reusable rules and mappings were configured to enable content restructuring, content cleansing, as well as multiple reprocessing. Item level audit during migration ensured completeness of migration and ensured data integrity. Legacy users were mapped to the new entities in Active Directory.

The phased and managed migration processes available in the migration engine allowed migration to different environments using the same configuration. An ‘exception plan’ was devised to resolve any inconsistent source files.

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The Results

Full Version History

All versions of documents, in the original version order were migrated. The original metadata was retained and where required remapped as per the new metadata model.

Consistency And High Performance

Every item of content is successfully cleansed, transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment. 28 million business-critical documents migrated in six weeks, at speeds of over 1 million items per day.

Reduced Budgetry Strain

The Automation of complex migration processes to Oracle WebCenter reduced the effort needed and delivered significant cost savings.