Many businesses are struggling with inefficiencies in their business processes. We understand this is often due to the unavailability of solutions that can track how their processes are performing with optimizations in place and continual recommendations for improvements.  

Uncover the hidden inefficiencies in your business processes  

Imagine a daily business hustle and bustle; inefficiencies can hide in plain sight. Redundant tasks, bottlenecks, and manual errors can also plague your operations. Compliance with regulations can also be a concern. Non-compliance risks are ever-looming, putting your organization in a precarious position.  

Businesses are actively searching for avenues to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and achieve greater outcomes with less effort. By leveraging insights derived from your business processes, you can efficiently act, crafting optimization strategies within your Microsoft ecosystem or integrating them seamlessly with other existing solutions. One tool stands out as a game-changer - Process Mining, which can help to optimize workflows, accelerate process efficiency, and ensure compliance seamlessly.  

Process mining enables the visualization and understanding of business processes by analyzing event logs. This helps in identifying the actual processes, how they're operated, and where there are opportunities for improvement, automation, and digitization.   

Understanding Process Mining 

Process mining is like putting on X-ray glasses for your organization's processes or having a GPS for your business processes. It helps you understand and visualize processes, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, optimize workflows, ensure compliance by identifying non-compliant processes and taking corrective actions, and enhance the overall customer experience. This new capability in Power Platform uses a data-driven approach to analyzing and visualizing business processes within your organization, leveraging data from various sources, such as event logs, to provide insights into how processes are executed. It's the key to unlocking hidden insights, improving efficiency, and streamlining operations. 

Let's consider a practical example with a purchase order process: 

You're responsible for managing your organization's purchase order process. By using the Power Platform for process mining, you can:  
Identify delays: Pinpoint where purchase orders are getting stuck or delayed in the approval process.

Optimize approvals: Implement automation to expedite approvals for routine orders, reducing processing time.  
Track compliance: Ensure compliance with purchasing policies by continuously monitoring the process.  
Cost savings: Save time, reduce errors, and lower operational costs by streamlining the purchase order process. 

How Can Proventeq enable your Power Platform Process Mining capabilities? 

Has Proventeq helped you to integrate Power Platform into your existing applications, enabling you to work smarter and faster – streamlining repetitive tasks and workflows? Perhaps as you migrate from your legacy systems, you aim to solutions to optimize your existing business processes.

Regardless of where you are with your Power Platform Governance and Process Automation, we help you implement Process mining with Power Automate that can be integrated into your Microsoft environment or other solution/business applications. We have the expertise to introduce your organization to process mining in Power Automate which will empower you to manage your entire process automation journey using a unified solution. 

Actionable recommendations and next steps to address these inefficiencies are readily available, supported using business intelligence (BI) tools for ongoing process performance monitoring. Proventeq can deploy Power BI with immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results. This continuous cycle of improvement can enable your organization to make optimizations guided by Power Platform Process Mining insights. 


Integrating process mining with your Power Platform streamlines operations ensures compliance, and uncovers hidden insights. This leads to substantial efficiency gains of up to 60%, empowering data-driven decision-making, enhancing customer experiences, and driving innovation. At Proventeq we transform insights into actionable strategies, ensure compliance, and optimize customer experiences through process mining analysis. To learn more, book a call with one of our experts. 


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