But what you may not know is that towards the end of 2019, our Chief Technology Officer, Rakesh Chenchery, and Chief Strategy Officer, Balu Herbert, flew out to Microsoft’s Redmond offices to attend the Microsoft Content Services Summit, where they have been featured in a video interview with Chris McNulty, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft 365.

What happens in the video? After the preliminary introductions, the three got talking about the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), Knowledge Management and Content Services.

In the interview, McNulty asks about what customers talk about and look for when it comes to Knowledge and Content Management, especially how to transform content from being something that is merely stored, to being something that is actionable.

This led to a lively discussion on how Proventeq’s migration solution helps to transform content stored on legacy enterprise content management systems into actionable, intelligible knowledge for organizations to leverage for productivity and growth.

All three expressed excitement in the way cloud computing technologies are revolutionizing the world of work in the video.

Choosing the Right Migration Solution

Migrating from a legacy source system to a modern cloud-based Content Services Platform, such as Microsoft SharePoint, can be complex, to say the least.

Our Migration Accelerator takes out the complexity by giving you detailed discovery and analytics on your existing content landscape. It smoothly migrates your business content, ensuring your organization gains maximum business value from your content in its new home – i.e. Microsoft SharePoint – which is optimized for productivity and collaborative working.

Watch this video for more on what Migration Accelerator does:

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