What is the DIKW model?

The DIKW model, or DIKW pyramid is a method that exists to explain the ways we move from data (D), to information (I), to knowledge (K) and finally to wisdom (W) with a component of decisions and actions.

It is a model that looks at various ways of extracting insights and value from all kinds of data such as small data, big data, smart data, fast data, slow data – and more. The model is often depicted as a hierarchical model in the shape of a pyramid and it is sometimes known as a data-information-knowledge-wisdom hierarchy.

What does DIKW mean for Microsoft Products?

The DIKW model has been discussed in various ways with some suggesting that “wisdom” should be taken out of it, while others debate its exact definitions and the relationships between the D, I, K and W. Some even argue that something even higher than wisdom should be included in it – enlightenment.

DIKW is one of several ways to define, illustrate and explain the various forms of data and information that and organisation has, transformation and the customer/stakeholder perspective.
Microsoft’s Project Cortex is built on the DIKW model and uses a new level of artificial intelligence (AI) to empower end users with better insights and knowledge to make their digital workplace applications smarter.

Microsoft’s vision is to enable organisations to automatically organise content residing in OneDrive and SharePoint, and provide their end users with valuable information organised in a way that is relevant to them.

New Knowledge Insight Capabilities

In this incarnation of knowledge management, AI and machine learning both play a key role in connecting expertise and content, enabling Organisations to leave the old ECM days behind them with regards to records management, and instead focus their energy creating an information ecosystem of Partners, all of which have DIKW at their core.

Moving Forward

The committed team at Proventeq breaks down silos by providing a highly effective experience for utilising and leveraging information that is stored in any system or diverse repositories. These systems include ECM, ERP, CRM, file-sharing services, network folders, SharePoint, and other repositories.

Customers trust Proventeq’s enterprise-grade product platform which delivers relevant answers, insights, and text analytics right from your stored or ineffective unstructured data sets. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organisation uncover key insights from your dark data.
To talk to us about our thoughts on DIKW and Microsoft’s Project Cortex, and how it relates to our services, contact us today.

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