Intelligent migration
Our AI-based intelligent migration service eliminates the content clutter and offers a lean content landscape with superlative findability and context thereby enhancing the value equation of the organization.
Enable enterprise-wide adoption of SharePoint

Intelligent migration

Migrating content over to modern and smarter platforms is definitely here to stay. In fact, it’s no longer a question of “Why?” but “When?”

Organizations are adopting AI-powered migration because a mere “lift and shift” migration strategy is becoming hard to justify as a business case.

Intelligent migration eliminates the content clutter and offers a lean content landscape with superlative findability and context thereby enhancing the value equation of the organization.

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What is Intelligent migration?

Intelligent migration uses Machine Learning (ML) to classify the ever-increasing volume of unstructured information created by your business every day.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the repositories of unstructured data that exist within legacy systems are automatically processed, which could be used to get some value in the form of new insights about your business content.

Intelligent migration is the enabler that allows your organisation to make full use of functionalities available within new Content Services Platforms (CSPs). With intelligent migration, you can:

  • Restructure business content
  • Redefine information architecture
  • Reapply fit-for-purpose security
  • Replace your legacy ECM solution – and its shortcomings – with smarter, collaborative, intuitive features of the new CSP
Enable enterprise-wide adoption of SharePoint
Faster migrations mean better business

Leveraging content value

Intelligent migration is all about value-added content. We can add value to the content by adding context to it and make it findable.

Intelligent migration enables the Information Architecture (IA) to provide the basic geography of where content should be with the appropriate taxonomy constructed that then allows metadata to be applied; the metadata increases content findability.

Your content repository should be a self-service engine! Users with the appropriate access rights should be able to access and work on business content on their own without any complex hierarchy to meander through. This is what Intelligent Migration promises to create and facilitate.

What are the benefits of intelligent migration?

Intelligent migration is all about the “Move and improve” approach as content moves from a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to a cloud-based, modern and smart CSP. We would go as far as to say it’s a boon for IT departments, as it helps consolidate your ECM systems and cloud services, and reduces the burden of vendor management.


Context is everything for the modern business

Intelligent migration breaks content silos sitting in different business systems to establish a single source of truth so that your organisation can use the content without any restraints.

The important role content plays in any modern business is unquestionable.

  • With intelligent migration, you can get a clear understanding of:
  • what content your organisation has
  • which content is valuable - and which is ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) content
  • how your organisation can access content securely without any hindrance

Work with all content types

Intelligent migration transforms the way you work with the content by enabling your workforce to work with all content types, even handwritten documents, thanks to the advanced OCR and format conversion features used during the migration process.


Cost effective content consolidation

Intelligent migration enables you to consolidate your multiple legacy systems, cloud services and move to a single CSP, such as Microsoft 365. The ongoing upkeep cost of these licenses is significantly lower than legacy ECM systems.

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