Intelligent content management & digital transformation services

An intelligent approach to data and content management

The digital transformation imperative

Automating and simplifying the way in which employees engage with content is always a priority for companies in our data-first world, and in this regard, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role.

We serve businesses so that they can empower employees to streamline efficient workflows and eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks.

From content discovery and analysis to post-migration support and training; our Intelligent Content Management and Digital Transformation services enable almost limitless opportunities for your organization, and increase productivity and IT effectiveness.


Streamline your business operations with process automation

Streamline end-to-end processes by connecting to your data from your line of business applications, and tailor AI-driven solutions to your organizational needs to drive forward business transformation.

Unify and upgrade legacy systems

Updating your enterprise content management system to a cloud-based content services platform ensures that your workforce can meet the demands of modern business.

Improve your digital experiences

Create cohesive and consistent digital experiences that delight employees and customers - enhancing productivity and boosting profitability. 

Managed services

On-demand, modular, scalable, and consumption-based access to catalogue services in Data & Insights, Process Automation & Digital Experience.

Improving your process automation using content AI

Our focus is to make sure you don’t have to wait to make the best use of your data. From the moment you are thinking of moving your content into Microsoft 365, we can prepare your data to work perfectly from day one with our SharePoint Syntex service offerings. 

Legacy workflow migration

If you're looking into reducing your business costs, simplifying licensing, and streamlining your business processes, have you considered migrating from your legacy workflows to SharePoint Online and Power Platform? Proventeq can help you migrate from your legacy workflow to SharePoint Online, and Power Platform with our four-stage managed service.

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As a B2B client and contract management solutions provider, we needed a case management solution that could grant us the flexibility and ability to customize access to financial data as required. Proventeq successfully delivered a solution that has exceeded our expectations.

Digital Management Technology

B2B Finance Consultant

Solution provided

IBM FileNet to Salesforce, M365, Azure


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