It combines resources, insights, communications and development learning, making your employees work more productively and efficiently wherever they are, whether in the office or from home. 


Viva Sales

Help your employees to focus more on building relationships with your customers and clients by making data collection and entry easier, quicker and more productive whilst keeping all data safe and secure. Whether your business uses SalesForce or Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Viva works with the CRM of your choice.

With Viva Sales, you can update your CRMs, databases, and apps in one central location with synchronization between platforms.

Collaboration between your employees also just got easier. With Microsoft Viva, your employees can share customer data and contact information across applications and between each other to make sure they all have the latest details available. 

There are several modules to Microsoft Viva that can help improve your employee experience, for example: 


Viva Connections

Employees can share details and communications securely with the app's intranet-like system. With Viva Connections, you don't need to amend any of your infrastructures, it's easily integrated into your Microsoft 365, and it's good to go. Keep everyone connected and foster a culture of inclusion by empowering every employee to contribute ideas and share feedback using Viva Connections.

Viva Insights

Remove the guesswork from team management with real-time reporting that allows you to make data-driven decisions that improve productivity and employee happiness. Strike the right balance between productivity and well-being with privacy-protected insights and recommendations to build a holistic picture of your workplace. You can now monitor your team's engagement & effectiveness to nurture their wellbeing with Manager Perspective for your team in Workplace Analytics. 

Proventeq is running Viva Workshops, giving you the opportunity to see how Microsoft Viva works and how it can work with your business and benefit your employees to create seamless teamwork. There are three types:

  • Employee Experience with Viva Connections Workshop

  • Employee Experience with Viva Insights workshop.

  • Virtual lunch and learn workshops for: Viva Goals, Engage, Sales, Viva Integrations and Microsoft Syntex. 

Our discovery workshop experts will help you combine your business goals with one of our unique Viva Acceleration packs to improve and increase your employee experience.  

Every Microsoft Viva adoption journey starts with FREE Employee Experience Workshops with Proventeq's Modern Workplace experts, covering Viva modules, including Viva Insights.

Drive faster growth with integrated employee experience tools and create a holistic employee experience for the people of your organization. A direct link to the form can be found here

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