SharePoint Integration with Salesforce

Reduce storage cost, improve collaboration efficiencies and optimize your Salesforce investment
with SharePoint.
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The spread of information across multiple business applications means it can take employees up to 23 minutes to switch between sources, search for authentic, up to date data and reorient back to their previous task.
In fact, they spend 20-40% of their time simply searching for information instead of doing their job, leading to stress and a poor employee experience.

What’s the appetite to integrate?

33 Percentage
Salesforce Customers would like to integrate Salesforce with SharePoint. (1)
38 Percentage
Seek additional third-party solutions to help integrate M365 into line of business processes like HR or finance. (2)

Information management integration services

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The problem

Businesses typically have massive amounts of data and information spread across numerous sources and silos, from Microsoft Outlook and Office to servers, local files and ERP systems.

But nobody knows where the most up to date version of your information is, or the best place to store it. How do you protect against duplication, unauthorised sharing with third parties and cyber-attacks? Are your clients getting the right information?

A single source of truth

Proventeq can help you deploy SharePoint as a central hub for all business-critical information and a single source of truth for all documents, integrating with Microsoft 365 and other business applications to speed up and automate cumbersome processes.

SharePoint can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to act as a document store while the user has the ability to open those documents held in SharePoint on the Salesforce Platform.

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Key benefits to Management & IT

Ensure compliance

Through protection and retention of business-critical documents.

Single source of the truth

For content-centric business processes and line of business applications when storing documents in SharePoint.

Enhance governance

Through content that is classified and tagged accurately and correctly with universal terminology and structure.

Save costs

Potential storage cost reductions of up to 95% Salesforce licence savings.

Increase ROI

Maximise investment in existing platforms by joining and replacing legacy ECM solutions

Improve brand perception

Business excellence and outstanding responsiveness leads to positive reviews attracting clients and employees.

What’s the real cost of content sprawl?

It takes on average 23 minutes for employees to search for the “real” data and the information they need. (3)
Annually, employees spend around 20-40% of their time searching for documents. (4)
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Key benefits to your business

Increase user satisfaction

Quicker access to business-critical content and faster-flowing processes enable users to manage workloads and avoid errors.

Save time

Reduce time spent searching for information by up to 50% to allow employees to focus on important tasks, resulting in improved wellbeing and effectiveness.

Avoid frustration

Less distraction and application-switching due to seamless integration of previously-siloed information.

Boost collaboration

Microsoft 365 allows for better handling of workloads especially for remote and cross-functional teams.

Automate case management

Use Microsoft 365 best-in-class capabilities to speed up ad-hoc activities to resolve cases in Salesforce quicker.

Single source of truth

Regardless the source all customer-related documents are kept together in SharePoint. Including paper documents sent by the customer.  Intelligent scanning allows to automatically associate inbound documents with the corresponding customer account.

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