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Automated information retrieval from your digital and physical documents.
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Organizations today use business data to forecast sales, understand customer trends, scale and reduce departments and ultimately, make business-critical decisions. Therefore, it is essential to have your enterprise data in one central location which is easy and fast to access.
Efficient data ingestion allows businesses to access the required data from multiple sources quickly and efficiently so that teams can uncover hidden insights and make business critical decisions.

The way we work has changed, which creates new challenges

the amount of paper a single German insurance company uses for claims annually, after working hard to reduce its reliance on paper.
the number of therapeutic appliance invoices checked manually for correct signatures each year at a single healthcare organization.

The problem

Despite the best efforts of many leadership teams, the paperless organization is unlikely to arrive any time soon.

Letters, scans, emails, and faxes. All enter a typical business at an unmanageable scale. And that’s merely the beginning of the problem.

Paper documents are normally digitized and ingested into content management platforms by clunky, standalone batch processes created and hosted on the premises. Others may be scanned by third-party document processing companies who use metadata to classify the documents and send them to the customer IT environment as pdfs. It’s an intensive process that often requires bespoke development.

And where does all this information go? Into document siloes that create an unmanageable wilderness of content and take companies further from the single source of truth they need.

The solution

Proventeq’s Content Integrator allows us to onboard documents process from a wide range of customer touchpoints and stores them in a centralized ecosystem, removing silos and preventing duplication.

We’re using it to help clients streamline their storage and retrieval, remove redundant documents, decommission legacy document management platforms and move to Cloud-based Content Management.

Our key services

Proventeq’s Content Integrator can be configured on-premises or in the Cloud to allow periodic document integration for documents coming in through multiple sources. The content is classified with the right metadata into a platform like SharePoint or other cloud-based content management systems.

Letters, scans, emails and faxes. All enter a typical business at an unmanageable scale. And that’s merely the beginning of the problem.

Alternatively, we can cloud-enable the document journey by building cloud-based document integration using technologies like Azure Logic or even Salesforce.

Typical third-party scanning processes can lead to multiple customer data stored within a PDF. Proventeq can streamline your case management by splitting these into multiple cases in your chosen case management platform such as Salesforce.

We can also provide the ability to review documents ingested into SharePoint or similar, allowing users to annotate key information where required. This can be bundled into case management software.

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