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We bring together data, analytics and AI to create new possibilities and insights for clients with superlative visual data experiences

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One of the the challenges for data driven companies is the volume, velocity and variety of data from multiple sources. The data silos and incompatible tooling (IT tools, BI tools, Data Science tools) inhibit collaboration and add to the complexity of the data problem.

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Our data solution

We unify data across the organization by combining Power BI and Azure services, maintaining a common data model on Azure Data Lake storage.

We bring visualization and reporting capabilities of Power BI into Azure applications, building the ability to analyze the entire Azure data estate in seconds. By combining Power BI and Azure, we help you connect, analyze your entire Azure data estate and turn your data into a competitive advantage with actionable business intelligence.

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Our Power BI services

Power BI Integration

We enable you to integrate Power BI visualizations in your external portals to share with your business stakeholders outside of the Power BI platform.

Power BI Development

We can design, build, and deploy a feature rich Power BI tool customized to your business needs, that delivers insights for your team.

Power BI Customization

We can provide a multi-dimensional perspective of all your data sets with a full-scale report and dashboard customization.

Direct Query

Queries at the granular level are sent to Azure Synapse Analytics.

Power BI Aggregations

To ensure instant response times on massive datasets. 

Power BI Dataflows

Create reusable ETL (extract, transform and load) logic to ingest any data source with point-and-click simplicity, then configure to automatically store data in CDM format on Azure Data Lake storage. 

Azure Machine Learning

Seamless connectivity to Azure Learning. 

No code Machine Learning

Use automated ML within Power BI for solving common use cases with zero coding. 

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Azure data factory services/solution components

Azure Machine Learning

Leverage your content in Azure Data Lake Storage to train models in Azure Machine Learning. Get faster insights with model tuning and automation of deployment tasks.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is up to 14x faster and 94% cheaper than other cloud system providers.

Integration runtime

Run SQL Server Integration Services packages natively in Azure Data Factory.

We deliver

We deliver

  • One lake for all data – A game changing data collaboration across your organization.
  • Analysis of over a petabyte of data in seconds, unlocking deeper insights of data with powerful AI models.
  • Easy data consumption and actionable insights.
  • Advanced Power BI features (like map visualizations) and predictive analytics potential to help data analysts dive deeper into their data.
  • Business critical KPIs and business parameters with a facility to access granular level of reporting.
Proventeq SharePoint Services & Solutions

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What you get

Visualize your enterprise data

Bring together all business data across your organization from multiple sources and create personalized reports as per your business KPIs. Build better insights with memorable dashboards for business stakeholders. 

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Advanced analytics

Leverage advanced analytics with Power BI using integrated R and Python scripts. 

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Get answers in real-time

Easily query your data and receive immediate answers with Power BI's natural language processing features. 

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