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As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix houses the state legislature, along with numerous state government agencies, many of which are located in the State Capitol district immediately west of downtown. The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections operates the Adobe Mountain and Black Canyon Schools in Phoenix.[The headquarters of numerous Arizona state government agencies are in Phoenix, with many located in the State Capitol district.

Government Administration
Oracle UCM
SharePoint Online



City of Phoenix Government decided to move their existing site from Oracle UCM to SharePoint to modernise their information management infrastructure.



  • Over 50,000 items were stored in Oracle UCM content server. Source content structure and site sections configuration had to be analyzed within source system. Majority of the items were documents, pages, forms and images. 
  • User had set of rules for Forms, Pages, Documents and Images. The forms and pages were to be differentiated based on the naming convention and set of rules provided by Phoenix Gov.
  • Items had discrepancy in websitesection(blank) based on which we had to do the structured mapping, so that it would be loaded to a particular pages library of a particular site and taxonomy would be assigned.
  • Each page had links to other pages or media assets or documents. These links had to be resolved by categorizing patterns of hyperlink references so that they would point to new url of target items. 
  • Library settings had been set to “Require documents to be checked out”. Overriding this setting in every library was crucial.
  • Many assets had content type as “Web-Content” and blank content type in Oracle UCM. The content type of such assets had to be changed to a “Document” content type without affecting the content types of pages.



Proventeq worked closely with Phoenix City Government, to provide the customer with a solution that would fit all the requirements and to ensure a smooth transition.

Proventeq Migration Accelerator was the key technology solution used to extract, transform, cleanse & migrate content into the new environment.

Proventeq Discovery and Pre-Migration check tools helped to analyse all available items in Oracle UCM and enabled the identification of any inconsistencies in content and naming conventions.

Proventeq rule based scripting tool was the main factor to cleanse anomalies in source content and transform consistently.

During the process of standardising the content and metadata, selected items were configured to be transformed and migrated while skipping items which were out of scope.

Migration consultants defined a strategy and agreed on a migration plan to coincide with the move by department.

An ‘exception plan’ was devised to resolve any inconsistent source files.

A ‘Delta plan’ was put in place to enable departments to make last minutes changes to content while the migration was still in process.




Data consistency and reliability

An item level audit ensured that every content was successfully cleansed, transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment. Many items had their format converted to fit the new environment.

Major cost benefit

Automation of complex migration processes ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time to City of Phoenix.

Optimised Content and Structure

Content stored in Oracle UCM server were consolidated and standardised along with all their content type and metadata.



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