Create engaging customer experiences with Liferay DXP

Create engaging customer experiences with Liferay DXP

Kerry Callaway


30 Sep 2022


The race to provide a richer customer experience is never ending. Customer experience leaders are busy building self-service capability in their customer journeys to provide a personalized customer experience.

Modern DXP platforms such as Liferay are powered with feature rich self-service capabilities which empower customers with tools to find the information they need on their own. In addition to being feature-rich, Liferay is deployment-friendly too. Leaner installation, less performance overhead, more manageable installations, faster deployments, and easier maintenance are the clear benefits Liferay can offer to the business, thanks to its micro-services architecture model.  


Liferay - A unified customer experience platform 

Liferay is a unified customer experience platform with built-in self-service capabilities. It helps customers find answers without a customer representative. In a typical business scenario, customer data flows in the system through multiple channels and gets stored in multiple back-end siloed applications. A business without the Liferay platform finds it challenging to have a 360-degree view of any customer, with data sitting in multiple back-end systems.  

Liferay brings all tools and information related to the customer on a unified platform, presented as a single pane of glass. It presents an intuitive user interface at the front while managing the information in a unified repository in the back end. Integration of Liferay’s customer-facing interface with back-end systems is easy with integration tools built on open standards. This helps in delivering a connected customer experience.  


Liferay's micro-service architecture model

The Liferay platform is built on a micro services architecture. The architecture has changed the earlier monolithic platform at the very fundamental level where the applications are divided into different bundles which use the OSGi framework. With a microservice-enabled platform like Liferay, companies can adapt to changing customer needs in an agile way and scale according to the business demand. The result is a flexible and constantly evolving platform that can be used to meet unique customer needs while still working well with other aspects of the system. 

The microservice architecture offers modularity to the Liferay platform. Liferay allows us to deploy different parts of our application without affecting others. This ensures that the portal is going to be always available independently of any upgrade that could cause an issue. This means that each Liferay feature/business capability is independent despite being a part of core Liferay installation. Liferay customers can now select what they want in Liferay installation without paying for what is not needed. Every microservice can be focused on a single business capability and is responsible for its own data model and data. Microservice architecture makes systems loosely coupled. If a microservice needs to be modified, then the programmer will just modify the select microservice without touching other microservices. This means that requests for updates and fixes that address customer feedback will be far faster than they would be in a monolithic system. 

In other words, Liferay architecture will let you slice and dice your offerings into smaller modules that can continue to upgrade at different speeds. For example, your offer module needs to come out with new features every week while your community forums undergo changes once in a year. Liferay DXP is the ideal platform to handle such scenarios.   


Liferay's low code application development model 

Liferay is making businesses more agile. The release of DXP 7.4 brings low-code and no-code capabilities called Blueprints. This enables businesses to create and manage their own digital experiences without any IT reliance. Liferay users can now build their own search algorithms using a no-code visual query builder (Blueprints). Liferay business users can also build their own applications, leverage Liferay Objects to customize the platform, allowing users to create and manage objects, adding fields, object layouts, relationships, and define the scope for each custom object.  


Building front end capabilities using Liferay

Liferay’s open development framework removes barriers so developers can write applications faster. You can also build apps from scratch using the tools you like or leveraging Liferay’s tool offering. Liferay provides templates for creating all kinds of apps and samples that you can examine and modify to fit your needs. If you already have an application, you can deploy it on Liferay DXP. Liferay gives you a head start on developing and deploying apps that use the popular Java and JavaScript-based technologies like Angular Widget, React Widget, Vue Widget, Liferay MVC Portlet, PortletMVC4Spring, JSF Portlet.

If you plan to write a new application and deploy it on Liferay DXP, you can use the frameworks you know or use Liferay’s development framework called MVC Portlet. You can easily and seamlessly integrate your applications with Liferay services to provide a great user experience. 

In Liferay, React is very much useful while creating application in Javascript chunks. These Javascript chunks are loaded on demand to keep the execution of the application smoother. It helps in managing the complex UI and component reuse across applications.  



Regardless of your development strategy for applications, you’ll find Liferay DXP as the most flexible platform that supports anything you need to write. Lesser lines of code, better code and application performance, faster deployment and low maintenance are the obvious benefits that the Liferay platform can offer. Explore Liferay capabilities to leverage the benefits of micro-services architecture to meet the needs of customers more efficiently than ever.  

Build rich and engaging digital experiences by utilizing our Liferay platform expertise, speak to one of our experts today to find out more. 


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