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babcock - Migration from Exchange Public Folders, Lotus Notes, SharePoint and Worksite to SharePoint

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Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support business for the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence. Operating in the UK and overseas, Babcock are trusted deliver complex and critical support to the defence, energy, emergency services, transport and education sectors.

The challenges

Babaock had a requirement to migrate Terabytes of data, consisting of thousands of Sites and Workspaces, and millions of Document and items from SharePoint 2003, Exchange 2007 Public Folders, Autonomy iManage Worksite, Autonomy Zantas EAS Archive and Lotus Notes into SharePoint.

  • Business reorganisation warranted restructuring of content hierarchy
  • Existing data archived in Third party archival systems also had to be migrated
  • Users, groups and domains had been renamed and modified in the new environment. Source security model had to be re-mapped to the new security model.

The Migration Solution

Delivering an end-to-end migration service to Babcock, Proventeq consolidated and migrated highly secure data managed using different security models in various systems into SharePoint using Migration Accelerator.

The Results

Successful consolidation of content from various source into SharePoint. Business downtime during migration was greatly reduced using managed migration.