Proventeq Migration Accelerator for SharePoint 2013

Proventeq Migration Accelerator delivers fast and reliable migration of documents, web content and digital assets from wide range of sources such as file shares, legacy repositories and non-Microsoft platforms into SharePoint 2013. It also provides a direct migration from older versions of SharePoint such as SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, WSS 3.0 and WSS 2.0.

Migration Accelerator is designed with speed, configurability and extensibility in mind, which along with a built in ETL process makes it well suited for enterprise grade migrations.

Migration Accelerator’s interactive user interface provides transparency and a clear, rules driven approach that puts you in control. 

Migration Accelerator has rich set of features which allows users to do much more than just a “lift-and-shift” of source files.

 Key features

  • Intuitive UI for easy drag-and drop from source to SharePoint 2013
  • Association of content types and page layouts within SharePoint 2013,  based on configurable mappings
  • Rules based Metadata mapping – Allows setting of metadata values in SharePoint 2013 based on easy to configure rules. The metadata values can either come directly from source system or computed as part of the rules
  • Links Resolution – Automatically converts links within source documents/pages  to links in SharePoint 2013
  • Filtering – Content classification allows filtering/archiving of content which is no longer required in SharePoint 2013
  • Content re-structuring – Supports mapping of source content structure to SharePoint  2013 Information Architecture
  • Automatically handling of invalid characters and patterns in source file names
  • Automatic splitting of large folders to comply with of SharePoint 2013 List view threshold
  • Content transformation and standards compliance– Transformation of legacy HTML into WCAG compliant HTML. Cleansing to remove embedded styles.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced content quality and metadata in SharePoint 2013– Adds value to existing content
  • Reduced timescales for migration – Up to 90% reduction in time and cost as compared to manual alternatives
  • Reduced risk – With item level audit, item status can be traced  through the migration pipeline, ensuring that 100% migration is achieved even when migrating millions of items

Why Proventeq?

In addition to the COTS offering, our Migration Accelerator product is extensible to handle any custom migration requirements.

And we also offer MaaS (Migration as a Service); if you are looking to completely outsource the migration. We offer you peace of mind by delivering a successful end-to-end migration.