Migration to Microsoft Office 365

Proventeq Migration Accelerator for Office 365 targets organisations moving their internally hosted applications such as file shares, collaboration platforms, and intranet web applications to Microsoft Office 365 cloud based business productivity tools.

Proventeq Migration Accelerator is an end-to-end solution for Office 365 migration. It provides an effective solution for migrating documents, web content and digital assets from a wide range of sources such as file shares, legacy repositories and non-Microsoft platforms. It also offers an easy migration path from existing Microsoft investments such as SharePoint 2010/2007, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, WSS 3.0 and WSS 2.0 to Office 365.

Our Migration Accelerator for Office 365 product also helps organisation leveraging hybrid model deployment of SharePoint by moving some aspect of the system on-premise and moving collaborative document management features over to the cloud by effective migration process.

Our tried and tested Methodology and sound strategic processes are supported by our powerful content migration software tool, Proventeq Migration Accelerator, to deliver a value-added cloud based Office 365 solution. Fast, easy to use and configure, Migration Accelerator verifies and enhances the quality of your content at each stage of the office 365 migration process to deliver optimum results.

Migration Accelerator’s interactive user interface provides transparency and a clear, rules driven approach that puts you in control. We ensure a smooth migration of your web content, documents and other digital assets from a whole range of sources (structured or otherwise) to Office 365 and other .Net and java WCM and ECM systems. A range of plug-in adapters enable Migration Accelerator to read content from a variety of sources, quickly and accurately.

We also understand how a feature rich technology like Office 365 can be adapted to your business to provide the benefits you’re looking for. Compared to manual migration, we cut your costs by up to 90 per cent and deliver a far faster and more accurate Office 365 migration solution.

Office 365 Migration as a Service (MaaS)

We also offer Migration as a Service, which means that our customers do not need to worry about migration product licenses, infrastructure costs, training costs and resources.

Just provide us secure access to source(s) and the target, and our team will ensure a 100% accurate migration on to Office 365. The speed and accuracy of our migration service is underpinned by our flagship product Proventeq Migration Accelerator. And we deliver the migration service using a proven methodology with well-defined steps to ensure success.

As a Microsoft Partner, we know the SharePoint technology inside out, with a deep understanding of its role within content migration as well as customisation of SharePoint platform. We also offer further value add services to extend Office 365 configurations to meet specific customer requirements such as information architecture design in-line with your corporate taxonomy model, application migration, integrating Lync with your office telephony server, email migration, and much more.