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Eumetsat - Migration from Hummingbird to Oracle UCM 11g

EUMETSAT, an international organisation from the space industry had been using Hummingbird document management (HDM) to manage their strict document policies and security. Their corporate strategy warranted a move to an Oracle platform which included migrating all the data from Hummingbird DocsOpen to Oracle UCM 11g (UCM). Since the HDM application was customised for the organisation, moving data to UCM posed real challenges.

The challenges

  • Around half a million documents with multiple revisions had to be migrated with all its attributes, relations, attachments, access rights and audit history
  • Other data like users, groups, personal workspaces and saved searches had to be migrated
  • The architecture of HDM and UCM natively different, which meant various types of complex mappings were required to move the documents
  • HDM uses virtual folders and virtual links which introduced challenges in mapping multiple parents in the information hierarchy
  • Certain advanced cross referencing between content were not natively supported in UCM
  • Permission structure in HDM did not have a straight forward mapping on to the UCM permission structure or its permission inheritance
  • Data was constantly changing

The Migration Solution

Proventeq worked closely with their UCM implementation Partner, Infomentum, to provide the customer with a solution that would fulfil all the requirements and ensure a smooth transition.

Proventeq Migration Accelerator was the key technology solution used to migrate content into the new environment.

Proventeq Discovery tool helped to analyse all available documents in Hummingbird and enabled the identification of any inconsistencies in metadata, content and permission. Numerous reports were generated to identify data corruption and distribution of relevant metadata.


Proof of concept was successfully performed on a sample dataset to highlight the benefits of automated migration. Migration consultants then defined a strategy and agreed on a migration plan to handle the complexity of the data and its relationship , and also the numerous exception cases that were introduced after an upgrade process.

All challenges pertaining to differences in the fundamental architecture was resolved during the pilot migration phases

A ‘Delta plan’ was put in place to enable the organisations function as normal while the migration was still in process.

The Results

A flexible solution- Through our migration expertise and with the use of our rules-based product, we delivered an end-to-end solution that satisfied all of the business needs.

Relationship and metadata retention – Metadata from different profiles were consolidated and standardised in UCM. All relationships like content hierarchy, attachments, related items etc were converted to an UCM equivalent relationship.

Data consistency and reliability – An item level audit ensured that every content was successfully cleansed, transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment.

Major cost benefit – Automation of complex migration processes for this customised version of Hummingbird ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time.

Smooth transition – The ‘automated migration’ and ‘delta management’ proved useful for the organisation to adopt Oracle UCM without any significant downtime.