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Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) - Filenet to SharePoint Migration

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority manage a 100% government-owned free zone that promotes modern technology-based industries with urban master-planned community, state-of-the-art infrastructure and in-house business services. Having used FileNet v5.1 to manage their content since 2009, DSOA had over 850 GB of content which they wished to migrate to SharePoint 2016. Using inbuilt features and process in the Proventeq Migration Accelerator, we staggered the migration over several phases to accommodate departmental availability for migration.

The challenges

  • Analysis of the existing FileNet’s content, information architecture and ECM Features being used.
  • Investigation of the day-to-day operations involving IBM FileNet, addressing high-level business decisions surrounding FileNet’s content
  • Thorough assessment of source content to point to errors, inconsistencies, and relationships surrounding content.
  • Review of existing SharePoint information architecture and necessary mapping and transformation rules required for migration.
  • Ability to create reusable migration tasks based on business priorities, to help manage the migration of a large volume of content.
  • An audit trail of the entire migration was required, to ensure all the items in scope of migration had been moved across correctly

The Migration Solution

Our team produced detailed analysis reports to illustrate DSOA’s existing content landscape. This analysis also allowed our migration experts to highlight data inconsistencies and potential issues that needed to be handled prior to migration. Content from various logical department folders within the FileNet object store were mapped and migrated to various site collections and sites. Some content originally stored in hierarchical FileNet folders was flattened and tagged with relevant metadata for classification.
Since content in FileNet was classified with over 200 document classes, migration rules were set up to consolidate the content portfolio into less than 20 Content Types. This solution provided an expedited migration to SharePoint with the ability to migrate all relevant metadata.
Additional metadata had to be generated based on existing document class attributes. The last 5 revisions of documents were migrated together with all invalid characters and patterns being substituted to comply to SharePoint file naming restrictions.
Documents that were related but originally stored across multiple folders were migrated into SharePoint Document Sets. Using inbuilt features and process in the Migration Accelerator, we staged DSOA’s migration over several weeks to alleviate departmental downtime.

The Results

  • A flexible solution - Through our migration expertise and with the use of our rules-based product, we delivered an end-to-end solution that answered all the business needs.
  • Consolidation and metadata retention – Content stored in disparate source systems, including archived data, were consolidated and standardised along with all their metadata.
  • Data consistency and reliability – An item level audit ensured that every content was successfully cleansed, transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment.
  • Major cost benefit – Automation of complex migration processes, and reuse of the same process for different source systems ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time.
  • Smooth transition – With Proventeq advising on best practice for the new Sharepoint libraries, Belfast were able to get up and running soon after migration was complete.