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Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Border Control, Legacy Websites Migration

Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control had a requirement to migrate LEGENDcom, which contains legislation and policy documents relating to migration and citizenship. LEGENDcom was on a legacy Folio/NXT platform and the requirement was to move the entire LEGENDcom content on to a new SharePoint based AA Compliant web platform.

The challenges

  • Over million items, consisting of HTML pages, documents and images were stored in legacy website.
  • The source site structure was defined in XML files, which had to be recreated in target
  • HTML Content had many embedded styles and formatting which requried cleansing before moving to target system, while selectively retaining certain font styles and formats.
  • Each page had link to other pages and images. The links had to be resolved and changed to newly loaded location of the respective item.
  • There was a special requirement to place a custom column for ordering of items in SharePoint
  • Content within each page had to be changed to comply to Accessibility standards (AA compliance).
  • Content of pages had a set of ordered list patterns. Each pattern were different from other patterns and requirement was to make it consistent as part of migration

The Migration Solution

Proventeq devised a plan to provide the customer with fast and reliable migration from legacy website to SharePoint.

  • Proventeq Discovery tool helped to analyse all available source items.
  • Proventeq rules based content type mapping and metadata mapping tool was the pivotal aspect to associate content types and page layouts while adding custom column values using metadata values.
  • Regex based configurations was carefully devised by analyzing source styling and ordered lists for transforming legacy HTML to WCAG compliant HTML.
  • Migration consultants defined a strategy and agreed on a migration plan to coincide with the move by department.
  • An ‘exception plan’ was devised to resolve any inconsistent source files.
  • A ‘Delta plan’ was put in place to enable departments to make last minutes changes to content while the migration was still in process.

The Results

A flexible solution- Through our migration expertise and with the use of our rules based product, we delivered an end-to-end solution that answered all of the business needs.

Detailed Migration Report and Detailed Item level audit – Ensured that all the items were migrated and post migration, item level auditing was done to ensure that they met client requirements and that they were accurate, precise and complete.

Enhanced Content Quality – All the items were transformed with WCAG compliance standards while enhancing the quality of contents.

Data consistency and reliability – An item level audit ensured that every content was successfully transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment.

Major cost benefit – Automation of complex migration processes ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time.

Smooth transition – The ‘phased migration’ and ‘delta management’ proved useful for departments to transition into their new environment at their own pace.