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Airtel, India - Filenet to Sharepoint

Airtel is one of India's largest telecommunication company and largest 4G Network provider. Airtel’s requirement was to migrate their Employee Car Sales (ECS) department documents from IBM FileNet object store (HRSS) into Microsoft SharePoint. Over 110 GB of content needed to be migrated. Using Proventeq Migration Accelerator’s inbuilt features, the migration was staged over 2 weeks in response to availability of various department. 

The challenges

  • Analysis of the existing FileNet’s content, information architecture and ECM Features in use.
  • Investigation of the day-to-day operations involving IBM FileNet, addressing high-level business decisions surrounding FileNet’s content.  
  • Thorough assessment of source content to point to errors, inconsistencies, and relationships surrounding content. 
  • Handling encrypted documents in FileNet. 
  • Review of existing SharePoint information architecture and necessary mapping and transformation rules required for migration. 
  • Audit trail of the entire migration was required, to ensure all the items in scope of migration had been migrated successfully. 


The Migration Solution

By using Proventeq Content Analytics tools, we produced in-depth reports to understand the existing content landscape and to highlight potential issues that needed to be handled prior to migration. Our Proventeq Migration Accelerator provided the tools required to create complex mappings to move the content from HRSS object store to specific document libraries in SharePoint.  
We overcame the lack of classification in FileNet by creating custom classification rules to map existing content to the new Information Architecture in SharePoint. 
We dealt with encrypted content using custom SharePoint Application that could decode migrated content. 
Additional metadata was extracted and generated from existing FileNet document class attributes. Metadata values were transformed to comply with SharePoint restrictions, using automation. Some of the automation rules successfully handled items with invalid characters and URL, while other rules handled duplicate item names and long items names that were substituted using pre-defined customer inputs.  
Using inbuilt features and process in the our Migration Accelerator, the migration was staged over two weeks followed by delta migration after couple of months in response to department being available for migration. 

The Results

  • A flexible solution- Through our migration expertise and with the use of our rules-based product, we delivered an end-to-end solution that satisfied all of the business needs.
  • Data consistency and reliability – An item level audit ensured that every content was successfully cleansed, transformed and migrated to comply with the constraints of the new environment.
  • Major cost benefit – Automation of complex migration processes for this customised version of Hummingbird ensured reduced effort and delivered saving of cost and time.